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Ok, so applicable to motoring as cannot as yet travel to see cousins in Belgium, as we are unwilling to book anything without absolute guarantee that if we cannot travel due to restrictions that it will be easy to get a refund.

there are maor obstacles to getting refunds.!

Another alternative is to go and see the family memorial in Scotland, driving.

Would also like to travel to see an old girlfriend in Portugal , met at the time of the revolution...

Same goes for air tickets, too much hassle...

Had too much fun with BA last year getting refunds.

Quatar airlines were slightly better, but Royal Jordanian 1st class with cancelled, multiple rearranged flights.

I cam move this a bit later to general...

What does the panel think about post pandemic travel, by car or otherwise.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - Rerepo

I say stay in the UK and don't give your money to the EU! We live in a uniquely beautiful and varied country - something for everyone! Boost the British economy. Most of the EU countries hate the English anyway.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - FP

We really want to get to France to see my second son, his wife, my grand-daughter and my third grandson, born in January. It is frustrating not to have seen them (minus the grandson, obviously) since Christmas 2019.

I booked an overnight ferry crossing with the car ages ago, which keeps getting moved, and is currently early August of this year. Realistically, I think we shall try to move it again, to early autumn, if travel is allowed.

The rough plan is to visit the family (near Nantes) and then tour around a bit - maybe Brittany and Normandy.

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Travelling abroad - when possible. - focussed

A good opportunity to see the giant elephant of Nantes, it's re-opening on the 22/05.

Tip - don't stand in front of it as it approaches, you will probably get sprayed with water and compressed air!

Travelling abroad - when possible. - Metropolis.

I thought it was fairly easy to get Covid cancellation insurance, no?

Travelling abroad - when possible. - Terry W

Had planned to spend last winter in Spain which unsurprisingly never happened.

Easyjet were happy to move flights and when this didn't work out refund arrived within 2 weeks. Reorganised flights with Ryanair.

Ryanair - wait a long time - no refund for outward leg, several months and confusing emails for return leg. I now realise why I avoid them when I can.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - RT

Scotland takes another step to open up on Monday so we're travelling up on Sunday with our caravan, it's fully self-contained so no worries where campsites can't open their facilities.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that Brits who can't go abroad don't decide to flood Scotland and all do the NC500 at the same time!

Travelling abroad - when possible. - Big John

I thought it was fairly easy to get Covid cancellation insurance, no?

Not that really works - toooo many clauses.

Myself I've left September free for now and will wait and see. Possibly do a simple Chunnel trip into France booked nearer the time - we shall see.

Before then I have staycations booked for May, June, July and August. May is a cottage holiday rescheduled from last year - The others are easily cancellable etc.

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Travelling abroad - when possible. - edlithgow

If driving. do you have to book anything?

Long time since I drove in Europe (no Chunnel) but I think we just turned up and got on the boat.

One return trip we had French parking tickets so self-dramatisingly diverted to Belgium and IIRC returned by hovercraft (which also dates it)

Hovercraft were a fairly silly idea, but sort of interesting at the time

Travelling abroad - when possible. - movilogo

May be best option is to buy a motorhome and drive wherever you want :o)

Driving is preferable compared to public transport (flight, train, coach etc.). Most hotels can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance without incurring penalty.

For Europe if you can get very cheap ferry ticket (even if non refundable) that is worth a try.

But if you feel brave, you can travel abroad. Flights are still operating including to/from red list countries (if not directly). People are still travelling (for whatever reason) so travel is not impossible.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - Xileno

"Hovercraft were a fairly silly idea, but sort of interesting at the time"

I quite liked them although you had to factor in they didn't run in bad weather. Some complained of the noise but earplugs helped.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - daveyjp

Not even considering foreign travel. Love flying, never liked airport experience so it will be pergatory at the moment.

Cottage booked for summer, just as we did last year. Other UK hotel breaks being planned.

I still remember the 'flight' we took on the SRN 4 in the early 80s. Just like a very wide aircraft once on board.

I understand piloting one was one of the most stressful jobs on the sea. Piloting a vessel going at least twice the speed of most other vessels, the majority of which are going across your planned path.

They never had a future once the tunnel opened as that is now the quick way of crossing the channel.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - Cris_on_the_gas

Unless absolutely essential I would be staying at home until at least 21st June. After then depending on Government announcements would consider travelling around UK for holidays.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - johncyprus

Last year we envisaged problems travelling abroad and arranged holidays in the UK for 2021.

Flying was purgatory even pre COVID; heaven knows when it will all settle down. We have friends who arranged foreign holidays when the pandemic was in full swing for 2020 and 2021 when it was blindingly obvious there were COVID problems.Now they are trying to unravel these holidays and are loosing deposits or are being pushed into deferring causing them great stress.

We miss our trips to France and Madeira but have found holidaying in the UK much better than expected and so much easier.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - Manatee

Too early to make plans - the government is already reconsidering the 21st June as the Indian variant B1.617.2 has taken off in the north west and nobody really knows why, unless it is just more transmissible than the Kent variant B117 that currently accounts for most UK infections.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - concrete

We would normally have been abroad last year and this. Out of season it is still good. Jan, Feb and March in Spain and Portugal. June in France. Scotland in September. Stay in the UK this year for certain. No risk and Europe will still be there next year when things have settled down again. Just means that sites will be bursting at the seams, but that's good for business. Just hope they don't start profiteering from the relative captive audience and hike the prices beyond reasonable rates. If so, then the subsequent years they will suffer as people remember where they were ripped off because of circumstances. Site owners beware the wrath of the silver caravaner/motorhomer!!!!!

Cheers Concrete

Travelling abroad - when possible. - Xileno

Certainly no plans to go abroad for the foreseeable time, even when things return to some sort of normality - whatever that means. Even then I will probably leave it a couple of years to let the pent-up demand fizzle out. I can't tolerate airports at the best of times.

I have vague plans of visiting friends in Lincolnshire and Devon later in the year but it all depends on the lockdown announcements and whether it's still sensible to go even if legally allowed.

Travelling abroad - when possible. - Smileyman

I too am desperate to go to France to visit family .. have a Eurotunnel crossing booked last year that can be changed easily, but will only until 1 year after booking date or will loose the trip.

Have a green card, GB sticker, headlight beam benders, breathalysers, warning triangles, yellow jackets etc etc all ready .. just need to let France open it's doors to vaccinated visitors and off we go ... ..


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