Worn Shocks - Wally Zebon
Can anyone tell me the symptoms of worn shock absorbers.

Worn Shocks - Cliff Pope
The car bounces around and is hard to keep straight. A simple test is to lean on one wing to compress the spring, then release it. The car should bounce back up to slightly above its normal height, then very quickly be damped. If it goes on bobbing up and down, the shock absorber is worn out.
Also check for leaks, worn rubber bushes, loose bolts.
Worn Shocks - Altea Ego
Classic symptom while driving, is when going round bends and the wheels hit a manhole, drain, patch, or seam in the road the car feels as if it hops or patters sideways.
Worn Shocks - Wally Zebon
Thanks guys. Looks like I'm gonna need to get new front shocks!

Worn Shocks - Cyd
Unless the rears have already been replaced separately, then replace all four. New shocks on the front with worn ones at the rear could unbalance the car quite badly in some circumstances.

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