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Hello, Im looking to buy an Automatic Audi A4 B7 model, but thing is I have 0 experience and know nothing about engine problems. Right now Im focused on 2.0L diesel engines, but there are few variations.

Maybe you guys have any suggestions? What should I look at and should I avoid...

And btw what should I focus on more? oil pump, hex shaft, DMF...

Or I just should always ask for the engine codes and then do some research?


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I think the 2.0 diesel B7 was fitted with the last of the pd engines so I think they avoid issues with DPF's, however the oil pump/balance module drive would be top of the list to check. At least the earlier chain versions were noisy before they failed! As they are all getting on a bit there is a chance that in it's history oil pump drive/balance module may have been sorted. Also check if cambelt has been changed as it's an expensive job on these with the N/S orientation of the engine.

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I wouldn’t recommend a decade plus diesel to anyone generally although the old 1.9 PD TDi was a very good engine. This is the one I’d stick with, it’s a very robust motor but even at that it’s old now and can suffer injector failure, turbo and EGR problems and suffer from general neglect. Audi automatic gearboxes, even before the fragile DSG weren’t known for their reliability either and a 1.9 diesel auto is rare.

I’d buy only if you can find a very well cared for example otherwise I’d look instead at a newer mass market petrol estate such as a Mazda 6, Ford Mondeo (not Powershift!) Toyota Avensis or Honda Accord. The 5-10mpg increase in fuel usage will be offset by the reduction in repair and maintenance.
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I have owned A 2003 A4 130tdi pd for the last seven years.

The pd engine is IMHO simply brilliant and has covered 167k miles.

I love the low end torque which I missed when I bought a mk6 Golf and the fuel economy is simply brilliant.

The engine has had no issues except for a cam belt change which involves the whole front of the car coming off, and can be difficult to re align.

Most problems have been ancillaries such as air con compressor which will cost around £1000 to fix and virtually writes the car off as it gets so warm during the summer months , front suspension joints, Alb sensors and heater control modules.

Such a great car, which I can totally rely on , eats motorway miles but without the heating , air con not working makes it a write off unfortunately.

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The OP was looking at the 2.0 diesel specifically but I'd agree the 130ps 1.9pd engine is the one to have.

My next door neighbour has a 1.9 B6 Audi Avant that will have covered 400k miles shortly with no major issues (think it had a leaking tandem pump at some point)

Audi A4 B7 - Audi A4 B7 diesel engines - Steveieb

Wonder if the air con is still working John. That seems to be a common problem . But 400k is amazing . I heard the engine. Was designed by Bosch like Yamaha designed the Zetec engine for Ford in return for their casting technology from Cosworth originally to be used to cast piano frames which were very accurate and consistent.


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