Self deluding drivers - volvoman
There have always been drivers who won't or can't signal/indicate for any reason but in my limited driving excursions I've noticed more and more of a new? breed of driver. These are the drivers who ONLY indicate when they know they're just about to do something stupid, dangerous and wrong!! Just done the obligatory M25 Thurrock run and spotted no end of contenders for the 2003 'Wreckless Driver of the Year' award nearly all of who indicated - albeit very briefly- before dangerously veering out, cutting in, changing lanes .... etc.

It's as if these people think that a quick twink of the old amber excuses all their sins and guarantees their safe transit to wherever it is that they're in such a hurry to get to.

Why do these people kid themselves that indicating under such circumstances makes their stupid actions any less unacceptable ?
Self deluding drivers - THe Growler
In the Philippines indicators are used when you want to force your way into another traffic flow and this is in fact taught at driving school. Otherwise it's up to the other guy to figure out what you're doing.
Self deluding drivers - Miller
I think "the fashion" at the minute is not bothering to indicate when turning right at a roundabout.

Its shocking to think as well that technically if you pull out and hit one of the above morons it is your fault for not giving way!

I'm a loser, why don't you kill me?!
Self deluding drivers - frostbite
I was taught that you should only signal (i.e. left) when leaving a roundabout, although I will admit to signalling right when faced with a T-junction type roundabout.
Self deluding drivers - Marcos{P}
Whenever someone comes round a roundabout without indicating I always applaud them with a mickey taking clap. They have no idea why I'm clapping because their dumb but it makes me feel a lot better.
As Frostbite says he was only taught to signal when leaving the roundabout but it would be so nice to know if I can safely pull out or just sit there like a lemon.
Self deluding drivers - Andrew-T
The most annoying kind are those that signal left on a roundabout two exits too early. I assume that they can't manage all the hand operations in the time available.
Self deluding drivers - volvoman
Hi Growler - so there's either lots of accidents or lots of mind readers in your part of the world :-)
Self deluding drivers - Obsolete
I know what you mean. I guess these people drive on auto-pilot using 'skills' that have been finely honed over the years. I find these people are best admired from a distance. :)

I'm not sure it is a recent thing but increased traffic levels probably make this sort of driving more obvious, and dangerous.
Self deluding drivers - frostbite
I think it might be helpful to differentiate here, between 'proper' roundabouts and mini-roundabouts (which were not thought of when I started driving).

Approaching mini-roundabouts I do invariably signal either left or right. On others I only signal just prior to the intended exit and consider this a far better procedure than the many I observe leaving having only signalled right - and frequently still doing so.
Self deluding drivers - SteveH42
As you say, Frostbite, it depends on the type of roundabout. Mini roundabouts I'd always signal as these are little more than junctions with a circle painted in the middle so other traffic needs to know what you are intending to do. Larger roundabouts depend how many exits and approach lanes. I was always taught that if there was a single approach lane, signal as for a junction. Two approach lanes and 3 or less exits, right lane for 3rd exit, no need to signal until you are exiting, left lane for the other exits, signal as you approach your exit. More than 3 exits then signal right if going past more than 2 exits and signal left for your exit.

It's people who don't signal left that are more of a problem as you are sat there thinking they are carrying straight on when they all dive off and you could have joined safely whereas you know anyone in the right lane (or the inside of the roundabout) is carrying on around unless they are indicating otherwise.
Self deluding drivers - HisHonour {P}
If you are taking the first left exit to a roundabout you should signal left as you approach it. If you are going straight on you should not signal until you are about to exit. If you are going more than half way around the roundabout you should signal right as you approach it and then signal left as you approach your exit. That way, everyone knows just what it is you are intending to do
Self deluding drivers - LongDriver {P}
Correct HisHonour! If only everyone else knew the rules!

In response directly tp volvoman's thread - of course you have come across many lunatics on the road todayt - it's bank holiday - an extension to the permitted driving period for Sunda drivers.

you will also note the increased number of broken down cars on the hard shoulder today - all those cars which haven't been out since (presumably) the end of May, or haven't done a journey longer than 5 miles, since last August...
Self deluding drivers - SteveH42
Correct HisHonour! If only everyone else knew the rules!

Trouble is, the 'advice' in the form of the highway code has changed over the years as has what is taught to learners. Also, what is best to do in whatever situation is different depending on the circumstances.

On a typical 3 exit roundabout, if you are in the right hand lane then it is obvious you are taking exit 3 and you only need to signal when you have passed exit 2. If I did signal right I'd only signal past exit 1 as there is potential to confuse anyone waiting at exit 2 in to thinking you are going past exit 3 so they can join on the inside, and to confuse those at exit 3 in to thinking you are going on past it.
Self deluding drivers - JamesG
Near me, there is a large roundabout (Sawston A505) if you know Cambridgeshire, and its quite usual to be cut up by cars going straight over who don't want to cue in the proper lane. You can imagine my disbelief, when approaching the roundabout a car cut me up...Except this time there were no cars in either lane. Of course being a white van man I was not deserving of any signal (flashing light type) to compliment their wonderful driving.

And us white van men get a bad press!! ;)

Self deluding drivers - henry k
Beware of local procedures at roundabouts.
e.g. The Mini roundabout nearest the A30 outside Hatton Cross Underground Station at Heathrow.
We locals going East on the A30 know the quickest way to do a right turn through the series of traffic lights.
It is take advantage of the green left filter into Heathrow. Do a U turn at the first mini roundabout. Exit Heathrow and you get the full green lights.
So beware if you are exiting at Hatton Cross and be prepared for a significant number of locals doing U turns across your bows as you enter the mini roundabout.
There are five mini roundabouts around the original large roundabout. If in the above senario a right hand indicator, if it is used, tends to imply the driver is going anticlockwise around the complex rather than a U turn.
Trying to do a U turn right - third exit - and indicate left at the correct point may be wishfull thinking especially at the speed some drivers perform it.
Add into the mix a large number of strangers and hire cars in the area it is a really a iffy scene.
Self deluding drivers - Cliff Pope
On a typical 3 exit roundabout, if you are
in the right hand lane then it is obvious you are
taking exit 3 and you only need to signal when you
have passed exit 2.

It is surely only 'obvious' to people who see you in the right hand lane as you approach. Once you are on the roundabout other people don't know which lane you started from, so don't know whether you are in the outer lane to go straight on or to turn right.
The rule seems simple and obvious to me - indicate right if you want to turn right, left when you want to turn left.
Self deluding drivers - volvoman
Well I just wish more drivers would:

Think well before they indicate and indicate well before they act!
Self deluding drivers - Rob C
I've probably posted this before, but I once was a passenger with my Mother whilst driving home. She took the first exit off a roundabout without indicating her intenetions to the oncoming cars waiting to join the roundabout.

When I complained that the she have indicated, she said "Of course I will turn off here, I live up this road"
Self deluding drivers - HisHonour {P}
I wish I could persuade my wife that the indicator tells people what she wants to do and is not merely a signal that she is going to do it anyway, so watch out!
Self deluding drivers - volvoman
I think I've been behind Her Ladyship ;-)
Self deluding drivers - HisHonour {P}
She will only become a 'Ladyship' in the unlikely event that I become a High Court Judge. Until then, she remains a Mrs.!
Self deluding drivers - volvoman
Whilst I'm sure you jest about the prospective Her Ladyship, I think you hit the nail on the head in your first post. Many people seem to treat their indicators like crowbars - only to be used when forcing entry or exit and when you don't care about the resulting damage!
Self deluding drivers - Baskerville
>the 2003 'Wreckless Driver of the Year' award

I think this misspelling is highly appropriate. Many of these drivers will "have been driving for xyz years and never had an accident" so they don't see any point in changing their ways now.
Self deluding drivers - Civlian
The single most annoying feature of modern driving is the sheer number (the majority of drivers) who continue indicating right when they're leaving the roundabout. This drives me nuts.
It's far safer to only indicate left when intending to leave, rather than keep indicating right.
Self deluding drivers - volvoman
Wish I could say it was deliberate Chris but it is sort of appropriate. I was in a hurry so didn't check my original post and my preview button doesn't work.
Self deluding drivers - LongDriver {P}
and then there are lorry drivers.....

"I've just pulled out in front of you, so perhaps I might consider indicating now"

As per my previous post on this subject:

The Lorry Drivers' Highway Code - Maneouvre, Mirror, Signal, Raise Middle Finger, Sound Horn...
Self deluding drivers - weatherwitch
>the 2003 'Wreckless Driver of the Year' award
I think this misspelling is highly appropriate. Many of these drivers will "have been driving for xyz years and never had an
accident" so they don't see any point in changing their ways

Aye, they'll never have had an accident but caused plenty!

Loved the lorry driver highway code, my best mates a wagon driver, the horror stories he can tell are awful.
Self deluding drivers - SR
I am always amazed at the behaviour at a local roundabout. Situation is a 2-lane exit slip road from a motorway coming down to join a dual carriageway running at right angles under the original motorway.

I would have thought correct procedure is if turning left, take left lane and indicate left. If going "right", (i.e. 3/4 of the way round the roundabout), take right lane and indicate right, changing to left indicator as you pass the exit before the one you want to take.

Frequent behaviour is approach in left lane, give no indication, then wander all the way round to the third exit in the left lane of the roundabout. Sometimes they even make it more obvious they're in the wrong lane by indicating right while in the left lane (still doesn't dawn on them!), or even worse was the one the other day who took the left lane and went all the way round to the 3rd exit while indicating left (think they forgot to cancel after exiting motorway).

All this causes great confusion and danger, not only for other traffic coming down the sliproad, but for those waiting to join the roundabout from the dual carriageway, never knowing when someone is going off at the first exit or not!.

I knew someone who got so annoyed by this habit that one day he came down the sliproad in the right lane, and when he saw the car parallel to him in the left lane was going 3/4 of the way round, he indicated left and moved over, forcing the other car to take the "straight ahead" exit - back onto the motorway, and with the next exit about 6 miles away!

On many other roundabouts, the lane discipline seems to be join the shortest queue and force your way across if necessary.

By the way, does anyone else think the recently-introduced "spiral" lane markings are a help on roundabouts?

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