Two Grand Tickles - Miller
And dont forget a lot of these people will be buying on finance over 4/5 years so when their car is esentially worthless they will still owe plenty on it.

These places advertised on telly make me laugh, you are basically given a choice of two (awful) cars and bullied into buying one for well over book price with ludicrous finance charges to boot....

I'm a loser, why don't you kill me?!
Two Grand Tickles - Steve G
It is amazing the number of people who spend thousands of pounds on a car without doing any research.
Dealers still pull the 'minimum £1500 part exchange' stunt and quoting finance figures weekly because it works.
I have had people buy cars without doing any kind of HPI check e.t.c
It sounds like the British dislike for car dealers will be around for a little longer....

Two Grand Tickles - DavidHM
HJ - if she bought from one of the 'credit to the feckless and stupid' people, she's potentially paying more like £7k for a £1k car.

Not illegal and there's always the theoretical case of someone who is better off buying that way, but the amazing thing is that not everyone who buys from these people even has credit problems, they've just been told by the advertising that they're the easiest way to buy.
Two Grand Tickles - THe Growler
Semper caveat emptor, and nowhere more pertinent than in the second-hand car trade.
Two Grand Tickles - teabelly
Are most of them that have had this treatment women? I am willing to bet that the traditional second hand car salesmen see us as a soft touch and in 90% of cases they would be right.

I don't think there are any rules governing over priced products. As long as the dealers fix the cars if anything breaks (that a reasonable inspection wouldn't have shown or the buyer wasn't informed about) within the first 6 months then they are fulfilling their legal obligations. If people end up paying over the odds for something because they didn't take the time to compare prices and shop around then it really is their own fault.

Dealers that aren't fulfilling their legal obligations on the other hand should be hung drawn and quartered as they are putting the entire motor trade into a bad light. After buying a car from a total ratbag I would in future either buy a car from a dealer which is a member of bimta as they prepare the cars to a much higher standard or buy from an auction and pay bottom money and take my chances.

Two Grand Tickles - eMBe {P}
David HM: HJ never said anything about credit. He said >>"... three months ago and has since had to fork out £1,500 in repairs. So she has now paid £4,500 for a £1,000 car. I don't know how much longer dealers can get away with this little earner (legally it should not be possible)...">>. The illegal bit he is referring to is charging someone for repairs within 3 months of buyning the car. As usaul, Sean was on the ball on this one.
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Two Grand Tickles - Aprilia
The 'six month rule' has been discussed many times before - the real problem is that so few people are aware of it. There has not been much of a campaign to inform the public (and I doubt car dealers are going to volunteer the information).
Two Grand Tickles - eMBe {P}
There has not been much of a campaign to
inform the public (and I doubt car dealers are going to
volunteer the information).>>

You are quite right, Aprilia. Unfortunately, even with consumer laws which are now decades old (Sale of Goods from 1980's), the public remain ignorant. For example, many do not know their rights to reject faulty goods, many stil accept "credit-notes" rather than asking for a full refund, and so on. You still come across sign in shops stating "no-refunds".
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Two Grand Tickles - weatherwitch
I was thinking about the severe over pricing round here today when I saw this post. I assumed that since the big towns and cities (between 35-45 miles away) are asking around the cars value, that all cities must charge 'normal' prices.

Out here where the car traders are few and far between it seems the prices are going up and up. I assumed it was a rural issue, those who can't travel to the cheaper car places are practically forced to pay the well inflated local prices. And if you buy a car from a long way off and it needs repair under warranty, you've got another kind of problem yet again.

Some people get caught in a 'poverty' trap for car buying, but fail to understand that they're paying well over the odds, and some will be like me, unable to travel far so pretty much stuck with what's local which in this case, is a long way to find a garage anyway. I couldn't manage an auction so for me I'm stuck, but damned if I'll pay well over the odds for something that's dire. There's many an M or N reg Corollas for £2500-£2800 and I even saw an L Corolla for £2450 today!

I'm a cash buyer as I treat credit on the premise that if I can't afford it now, I certainly can't afford it later, especially on something that will depreciate in value! 50% APR?!?!? If I said what I thought about that and the people who sign up for it, I'd be beeped off screen!
Two Grand Tickles - Pugugly {P}
How about a bog std. Pug 106 M plate £2490 on a Main Dealer's
forecout this morning.....
Two Grand Tickles - DavidHM
If it's a good colour, it won't have too much problem selling at close to that with a generous p/x allowance.

After all, everyone knows the main dealers have the best cars (!) and hey, it's a 106, so it's cute...
Two Grand Tickles - No Do$h
What is truly scary is that when the consumer does understand the trader's legal obligations, the law seems to either be toothless or isn't applied appropriately.

Despite having worked in this business, I got stung on a VW Vento 4 years back - the car was a shed and I didn't spot the problems for 48 hours (pressure of impending fatherhood didn't help).

Despite using the local trading standards, small claims court and even trying to get the trader declared bankrupt, all I got was a visit from his "mates" making it clear that my best course of action was to drop everything or they would.... well, let's just say I looked around for the cameras. It was like a scene out of The Sweeney.

Introducing new laws is pointless until the law applies the existing ones effectively. In meantime, Growler hit the nail on the head. Buyer beware!
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