causes of light steering? - steve_rt
drove a car last night with incredibly light steering, what components are the ones to check for causes?

thanks in advance,

causes of light steering? - outkast
could be over inflated tyres,are they worn in the center more than the outside?
also if your used to driving a bigger heavier car with wider tyres that would feel different.
causes of light steering? - sean
Was it designed this way? I recall Puntos having a girlie button on the facia, to increase power assistance.

Are the front tyres correctly inflated?

Correct amount of toe-in?

Correct tyre width

I cannot remember ever reading of someone whose steering was TOO light. Too heavy, yes, but....
causes of light steering? - smokie
A bag of bricks in the boot (or a bootfull of duty free lager, which once nearly had me wheelying in an old Escort)
causes of light steering? - Aprilia
Fault with the rack (if PAS). Especially common on Rover 800 when torque ring in the rack snaps.
causes of light steering? - DL
Was going to mention the same fault/car there! Common fault, leads to finger-light PAS, it's possible to 'spin' the steering wheel lock-to-lock.

Need more info on the car..

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