New Ford Capri ?? - volvoman
Heard an interview with Martin Shaw (ex-Professionals) yesterday in which the subject of Ford Capris came up. Apparently Ford are launching a new 'super' Capri - anyone got any info. on this ?
New Ford Capri ?? - DavidHM
Front cover of this week's Autocar?

Don't think much of it myself although I'll reserve judgement until the production car is launched.
New Ford Capri ?? - Johnny20
yeah that half computer generated pic looks a bit rubbish, i'm sure it'll be better when they show us the real thing. Then again Ford did give us the fusion....(shudders)

New Ford Capri ?? - Vansboy
The pics are VERY much of nothing, as far as I can see. No doubt a tester for public/press/trade alike, to let their comments be heard. Then ford can bring out the car that we all would want to own (not)!

Did bring back a few nice memories, though. First 'nice' car I ever had, after my banger days. 2.0 GTXLR, with steel sunshine roof & REMOTE CONTROL 8 track stereo!!! Evergreen metalic, XDL 726L, long gone, but not forgotten.

New Ford Capri ?? - Dan J
I had a sniff round after spotting the Autocar picture. Absolutely no plans whatsoever to produce this car at the moment. I imagine someone "up top" has a desire to build a Ford sports car for the European market but it is a long way off and almost certainly not even remotely resembling what you see in Autocar.

I imagine as Vansboy says, Ford are just weeing into the wind to see what the reaction is...
New Ford Capri ?? - Johnny20
Probably no plans to produce it because Ford are loosing a couple of million £ a ya do.

here's the "teaser" pic of the concept:

New Ford Capri ?? - volvoman
Pity the photographer forgot to turn his flash on! :-)
New Ford Capri ?? - sean
Ah yes,

The car you always promised yourself.

But did you?

I remember the Capris very well. A Cortina with a bit more style.

Then we had the Probe

Then the Cougar

Neither were big sellers and depreciation money-pits.

I can't help thinking most people don't want a modern Capri. we've moved on. Who knows?
New Ford Capri ?? - DavidHM
Sean - the one big difference between the Capri and the Probe and Mondeo was that the Capri sold for a very small amount extra over an equivalent Cortina, whereas the difference between a Cougar 2.0 and a Mondeo 2.0 Si was over £3k (and probably more like £5k after discount, at least at first).

I think they can make money out of a Capri if it sells for no more than £1000 over a Focus 5 door hatch (or Mondeo if it's big enough, but I can't see that happening), the insurance is reasonable, and the styling is special enough without adding significantly to the production costs.

Otherwise, we'll see the situation where keen drivers are asked to choose between a Capri 2.0 Ghia and a Focus RS. (Isn't the idea of buying a new Capri Ghia just gloriously naff?)

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