303,000 mile Rover Montego - Paul Whitehead
My wife's Rover Montego 2.0 GSi {petrol} , 1990 on a G, has done 303,000 miles.

Is this a record?

Oil changed every 5000, only pay £3.00 for the oil, sometimes use second hand oil drained from my Volvo 940.

Only needed £15 of bits of a scappper to pass the MoT.

Third party insuance.

Cheap motoring or what?

Second hand oil!!! - Dave
Wow!!! My VW Jetta used to get its oil out of my Dads cars!!!

We'd drain it out of his and pop it in mine!

I loved that car...
Re: Second hand oil!!! - Paul Whitehead
Works with wiper blade too, but not plugs of filters.
Re: Second hand oil!!! - sam
we used to swap engines between various different escorts when i was young, similar sort of thing, buy a good one for one car, and that cars okish engine gets passed into another bla de bla de bla

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