buzzing noise from engine mk2 golf gti 1 - leeboy
my golf had a slight buzzing noise from engine when engine was on stand by,today i noticed the idle was a bit dodgy so i checked the electrics out and noticed there was no buzzing noise any more any ideas? i know it is suppose to buzz but dont know why?cheers
buzzing noise from engine mk2 golf gti 1 - delboy1273
i had similar problem specially when car at standstill i found there are 2 fuel pumps on golf gti 1 in the fuel tank and a 2nd main fuel pump at back offside wheel this was buzzing because the pump in the tank was faulty and the main pump was doing all the work,when moving the main pump was getting cooled but at standstill it started to overheat and buzzing,so look at the puymp in the tank (also is the cheapest pump) £15approx


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