Clutch on Rover 214 - Mac 74

whats a fair price to pay for a new clutch and clutch cable. It won't be re-conditioned ala Mr Clutch.


Clutch on Rover 214 - Mike200
see this link:

I have a 200, but cant vouch for this price as iv\'e never had a new clutch
Clutch on Rover 214 - Mike200
Can someone varify this?
Clutch on Rover 214 - Hugo {P}
My new clutch for my Pug was around £55 from Express Factors about 2 years ago.

I suspect it wont be very different to the Rover.

Clutch on Rover 214 - DL
Roughly £225 fitted inc parts labour & VAT
Clutch on Rover 214 - Mac 74
Ouch, I just got charged £300.

Is there any way to justify this? For instance, he says he cleaned the flywheel/plate up rather than fit a new one as it would have been too expensive. He says he does fit the very best gear and to be fair i do trust that he does this.

Still, thats a fair difference. Any 214 owners got charged similar?
Clutch on Rover 214 - ShereKhan
I had a clutch and flywheel changed on a 95N 214 SEi mk2 by a Rover main dealer under warranty. I asked how much they would charge. I got told about £700.>> Ouch, I just got charged £300.

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