E-Mails - Mark (RLBS)
I just deleted a load of e-mails from my Moderator account. So many of them looked like they might be virus related that checking them individually was too much work.

If you have sent me an e-mail in the last 48 hours, perhaps you could send it again.

E-Mails - smokie
A thought - if you're using Outlook/Express - you could have sorted them by the attachment flag just to gather the potential virus ones together, then looked at the size column and deleted all of the same size. Not important for you, but might help someone.

My AV scanner got 4 hits from SOBIG-F on day 1 and none since...but it is supposed to be the fastest propagating yet
E-Mails - THe Growler
As of this moment 0020 Manila time (that's Zulu + 7) Hotmail servers are jammed right up. Incoming is sluggish, outgoing gets message "all servers are busy".
E-Mails - martint123
I haven't had one of 'the real thing' but I'm totally fed up with 1000's of messages from mail servers saying they've stopped one - ok, but replying to a mailing list server where the reply goes to 1000's of users - wish they'd just shut up
E-Mails - LongDriver {P}
I've got Zone Alarm Pro and Norton Antivirus 2003 and despite having a permanenly-on broadband connection that isn't behind a NAT firewall, I NEVER get any security breaches. Viruses gey squished as soon as I attempt to open emails with any attached.
E-Mails - frostbite
Having frequently claimed that Linux is no good for the internet, Microsoft are apparently running microsoft.com behind servers using er... Linux whilst the panic is on.

See story.news.yahoo.com/news?tm...tc_cmp/13100775
E-Mails - HisHonour {P}
In the last three days I must have had over a thousand e-mails containing the So-big attachment.

I check all e-mails online before downloading them with Outlook Express and delete all the rubbish. Also, since I use an AppleMac such viruses do not bother my computer. Thank the Lord!
E-Mails - smokie
When did M$ claim this about Linux?

I think this isn't new news, it's just more topical this week.

Seeing as they were the only target of the denial of service attack from the Blaster worm, I'd like to think that they've been quite smart in taking action to ensure their continued presence on the web. Or maybe they should have just let themselves be put offline...sometimes corporations just can't win.

And I also understood that the Linux servers were outside M$ corp, in their equivaent of our ISP.

btw I have no connection with M$...
E-Mails - Welliesorter
When did M$ claim this about Linux?

They (especially Steve Ballmer) have made many claims about it being un-American, and its licence a cancer etc., etc.

As you say, the MS web site isn't actually running on Linux but it is running behind servers provided by a company that uses Linux. See www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/32385.html for the most sensible article on the subject.

On the other hand, for a long time after MS bought it, Hotmail definitely did run on FreeBSD, a free and therefore very un-Microsft version of Unix.

In a feeble attempt at getting slightly back on topic I can report that the Honest John site works fine under Mozilla for Linux.


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