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today the heater matrix ruptured spiling hot water into both front and passenger footwells almost scallding me and my mate, does any one know about this recall vw did on all mk2 golfs about this problem and are vw resposible for the repairs?this has also knacked my alarm as the wires run just underneath the matrix causing it to short out.toad ai600 model, any help would be much apprieciated.
heater matrix golf gti mk2 - pmh
See the thread that I started some time ago.


If you search both here and on other VW web sites you will find a wealth of other information.

Best of luck with VW, it will pay to be nice and friendly with the customer service adviser. I suggest that you try to find one who actually runs his own old Golf!

pmh (was peter)
heater matrix golf gti mk2 - Andrew-T
Speaking as a non-VW person, I would guess that your result may depend on whether engine coolant has been changed according to schedule?
heater matrix golf gti mk2 - pmh
In my case VW not interested in service history, coolant changes. There wasn't one!

It may come down to whether a garage is looking for warranty work to occupy idle fitters.

pmh (was peter)

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