Barina stalls when clutch pressed down - H.Streamlined
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Does anybody know why my 1997 Holden (or Opel in Europe) Barina stalls when I put the clutch down to change gears? This happens very rarely (like once in two months) and happens on any occasion. It happens when I'm stepping up or down a gear, whether I'm going downhill, uphill or on a plain, or when I'm going fast or slow. But once I engage the gears the engine kicks in once again after a second or two. Still I am scared when one day the engine never kicks back. :( It's also scary because once it happened when I was going round a corner. Of course the power steering went out, so I almost went up the curb.

Thank's in advance for your help.
Barina stalls when clutch pressed down - Sooty Tailpipes
I think this is our Vauxhall Corsa, maybe an ICV problem.
If it doesn't stall, do the revs go dangerously low?
If you sit in neutral, and blib the throttle, does it stall or try to?
Are you off the throttle when it stalls?
Barina stalls when clutch pressed down - H.Streamlined
Yes, I am not throttling when it stalls. Nothing happens with the revs, and the car acts normally in every way except on these rare occassions when it stalls. There is nothing to indicate something wrong with the car. It is a real mystery to me.

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