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I have a ford 1992 Laser. I had this car serviced on Wednesday 13th August and the mechanic never mentioned anything was wrong with the car except needing new right hand front drive shaft.

Well, yesterday i started it up (have driven it the previous days) and it was billowing grey/white smoke and it stinks! I called the mechanic and he came down and looked at it and said he thought they had put too much oil in. He took some back out and that seemed to fix everything.

This morning however it\'s doing it again :( There is black sooty stuff comming out the exhaust onto the garage floor and the smoke is still grey/white and stinks. The general smell seems to be a sort of petrol type smell. The mechanic did mention that my petrol filter might be worn and need replacing and thus be letting petrol into my oil.

How do i tell if my petrol filter is needing to be replaced? I\'m tending to think that something is wrong in the motor... the oil is clean, no sludge so i\'m guessing it\'s not a welsh plug... could i have blown a gasket somewhere??

Please please someone out there be able to help me. I\'m semi mechanically minded and can carry out most minor repairs to my own car so i\'m praying this is something i can fix??

Smokey Car. Ford Laser (1992) - james_60

what is a ford laser

Kind regards

James Stephenson
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Are you by any chance based in Oz? The Ford Laser was sold there in the early 1990's.

The Laser was not sold here in the UK, but it was a Ford Escort sized standard Ford car, nothing special, so the mechanicals will be similar to other Fords of this date.

Ian L.

Smokey Car. Ford Laser (1992) - Adam Going (Tune-Up)

There is no way a tired fuel filter will allow petrol and oil to mix, anywhere. Fuel filter should be changed every 2 yrs / 20k miles. Symptoms of a blocked filter usually lack of high speed / high load performance.

Your problem could be tired valve guide oil seals. A gasket failure will not confine the symptom to just the start-up situation, and you would have to be losing coolant and/or oil. Another possibility is that your fuel is contaminated with diesel. Did the trouble start after a fill-up ? If so try filling up again (at another garage) immediately, then again after 50 miles or so, so that you are constantly diluting the problem.

No disrespect,but mechanic who overfills sump with oil, and reckons that a fuel filter can allow oil and fuel to mix, does not go to top of my class. Suggest you seek another !!

Regards, Adam
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Smokey Car. Ford Laser (1992) - Anne

Thanks for the advice. Im still having the smokey problem however it's become much less smoke and is now barely visible from the exhaust. I've got alot of wet black "stuff" comming out the exhaust onto the ground though and the car smells much like a lawnmower! you know.. that oil/petrol smell?

I have decided to drain out my oil and petrol and fill both from scratch myself to rule out any problems there. I'm also planning to have a play with the carburettor incase it's simply running too rich, i figure it cant hurt... lol... stupid thing is already unable to be driven. I have a 1 year old daughter and there's no way i'd take her in the car when it smells like that! If it's still doing it i'll have to find myself a new mechanic I guess. Thats harder that you might think since i live in the middle of nowhere :)

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