Spluttering Scorpio - frostbite
Wonder if this rings any bells?

My '89 2.0i Scorpio always starts and idles well from cold, but the first mile or two it splutters and even stalls occasionally, Winter and Summer, but noticeably worse in Winter.

As soon as I touch the accelerator pedal, it seems to lose a cylinder or two - if it could stagger it would.

Once the temp. gauge approaches normal, the problem disappears.
Spluttering Scorpio - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Frostbite,

Prime suspect has to be the engine management Coolant Temperature Sensor.

Regards, Adam
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Spluttering Scorpio - frostbite
Thanks for that Adam. I will see if Mr Haynes can locate it for me.
Spluttering Scorpio - Rob the Bus {P}

Not sure if it's the same thing, but my old 2.0I Ghia had the same problem and was cured by replacing the air flow meter. (£20 from a scrapper IIRC). This was the gubbins that sits on top of the air filter housing and has an outlet leading to a hose. into the head. Your car is the ohc engine isn't it?

Failing that, may I recommend a Gunson's diagnostic thingy? I got one from Halfords and it plugs into a socket in the enigne bay and displays fault codes (which are all supplied) to give you some idea what is going on.

Good luck - it's nice to see that somebody else has faith in Uncle Henry's big old barges. If you ever decide to sell it...


Spluttering Scorpio - frostbite
Thanks for that Rob, worth a try if it persists.

It's a twin-cam 2 litre (my third Scorpio) and I would sell it tomorrow if only I had the money to get a 98 Mondy or Xedos.

You will be first to know if it happens!
Spluttering Scorpio - Rob the Bus {P}
>>It's a twin-cam 2 litre

Ah, in that case the air flow meter may not be the same one as on the ohc (Pinto) engine. I know that I had to trawl through several cars before I found the right one.

>>my third Scorpio

Were it not for my present circumstances, I'd have a Granada/Scorpio again like a shot. They are magnificent cars and are, in my opinion, without equal in terms of comfort, performance, economy and reliability for the money.

HF's dad runs an '88 2.9i Ghia X which I am secretly coveting!



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