Insurance renewal - number67
I'm currently insured (or my 1.6s Ibiza is) with a well known supermarket. It's due for renewal on 1 September so last week I got a quote from their internet site of £267 fully comp - protected NCD.

This week they've automatically sent the renewal form thru' by post - £335.

So I can buy from the internet as if I'm a new customer again or pay the renewal at £68 more?! Mmmm

(I'm also considering (as I always am) changing the car it's now 3 yrs old - and there's nowt wrong wi'it but I just get the urge. I think I've narrowed it to 1 yera old Leon Cupra or Volvo s60 2.0SE - a curios pair but both a bit different and with 180bhp)
Insurance renewal - Robert J.
Suggest you get a quote for insurance on a cupra first. If you balk at 335 quid, you are in for a shock. I think you will find they are group 16.
Insurance renewal - number67
I'm not baulking at £335, just (as I've now noticed on another thread) making the point that once an insurance company think they've got you try it on with the price.

I've already had a cupra quoted for £475 - and i'm ok with that having once had to pay £650 to insure a Sierra in '92 before I'd gained any no claims.
Insurance renewal - Robert J.
Sorry 67, I wasn't having a dig. We pay just over £500 on our cupra, so it looks like your quote is good. Was that with the same well known supermarket ?
Insurance renewal - number67
That's ok RJ,

no offence taken - how do you find the Cupra? what colour - and have you had any problems with the paint? - I seem to read quite a few moans about it stone chipping easily.
Insurance renewal - Robert J.
Hi 67

We found our cupra from the Seat website. You can search on a number of parameters eg cost, age, mileage and it will give you list of matches starting with the geographically closest. We found a metallic black one with leather interior at a dealer in London. I was a bit concerned buying a car we had not seen, but the dealer was very helpful and the car was exactly as he described it ( and delivered to me free).
Not had any problems with the paint work (or more than usual). I wonder if people find a problem with chipping because they tend to be going a lot faster ?
I recall there is a cupra website so I guess you might get more info from other owners there. There was a link to it from HJ car-by-car breakdown.
Good luck with the cupra and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do ours.
Insurance renewal - number67

The one I'm off to look at is yellow (I chose the car, wife chose the colour), unfortunately no leather though. Its an ex-demo 5k miles 53plate Jan '03 facelifted. I reckon if I can get 5.5k for my 1.6s ibiza sport (immaculate if i do say so) with 35k miles, and get the Leon for 12.5k we should be doing a deal.

Insurance renewal - number67
Negotiations are stalling at the moment - I'm letting him sweat.

Cupra started out at 13.5k, so he's offered 5k for the ibiza and dropped Cupra to 13k, leaving me to find 8k.

when I said I was thinking a grand different, he slowly worked his way to a cost to change of 7.6k. I've said I'll think about it - another 200 might be possible? I'll see how keen he is....
Insurance renewal - number67
Negotiations didn't get much further - £7600, a full tank of petrol, and a load liner for the boot to keep the carpet clean!

So anyway I've now got a canary yellow Leon - goes like stink - did think that the brakes faded a little after a series of hard braking into tight bends - but I won't be driving like that often, just went for a little play in my new toy.

Insurance was £485 from Tesco, it would have been a little cheaper but the wife had a claim 2.5 years ago when someone kindly decided to stick a screwdriver thru' the door of her car - and seems we're stilling paying for it.
Insurance renewal - number67
Oh - and yes same supermarket.
Insurance renewal - Wilco {P}
There are a few Inurance threads floating around and the same message comes out - as a rule of thumb -

1. Always shop around however competitive your quote appears
2. Insurance, along with Gas, Electricity, Mortgages, Store Cards etc frequently favour the new customer over the existing one. So refer back to Rule 1.

As for the car - go for the Leon!
Insurance renewal - v0n
Reject renewal and go for new quote from the same company. There is no reason to get voluntarily penalised for continuation. In the old days you would call your agent and rise hell. They would offer even further discount. Nowadays you won't speak twice to the same person and they don't really care about price matching.
Insurance renewal - HF
>>Reject renewal and go for new quote from the same company.

I tried to do just this a couple of years ago with a well-known insurance company. Once they realised I was an existing customer, they would not allow me to proceed with the new quote.

As said above, so many companies seem to offer reduced rates to get customers on board, and then make up for it by fleecing them come renewal time.
Insurance renewal - Deryck Tintagel
I managed to get the insurance arm of a well known breakdown company to allow me to take the on-line quote from the Internet even though the renewal notice was £48 more! Don't forget that on-line quotes often have an additional discount for not using the usual telephone quotation system.

I might have been lucky as the website was playing up when I wanted to renew so I rang their customer services. I have done the same with other insurance companies.

One thing I did note was check the policy wording on Internet quotes! A company advertising for safe drivers using a well known film director gave a better quote with a lower excess than my now current insurer. Looking a little closer I found that they would not insure me to drive another car on the comprhensive policy - I assume third party is meant by this but I didn't have time to query this point. This may not be important to many but it could turn out to be vital if you need to drive another car due to illness of the driver say

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