Citroen paintwork - Dan G
I have noticed an area of bubbled paint on the roof of our 52 plate berlingo. It has only developed recently ... what will the dealer do (and what should he do) if I try and take it back under warranty ?
Citroen paintwork - Malcolm_L
Dealer should refer the problem back to Citroen UK who should agree to repair the paintwork under warranty.

Citroen may quibble if the problem has been caused by the paint surface being broken by say a roof rack.

Where exactly is the area of bubbling and is there any sign of damage?

Citroen paintwork - Altea Ego
citroen will also quibble if its caused by Bird poo.
Citroen paintwork - Dan G
The patch is towards the rear of the roof, fairly central. There's no sign of other damage, and there wasn't any birds mess to remove.
Citroen paintwork - Mondaywoe
Citroen paintwork ( and lots of other makes nowadays) is really vulnerable to bird poo - as has been mentioned in other threads. This doesn't look like poo though! Almost as if the paint in that area wasn't adhering properly for a start. Does the Berlingo have a very flexible roof panel? It might have been aggravated by flexing or even extreme heat in this recent hot weather (??) Don't suppose someone inadvertently hit the inside of the panel with something sharp at some point?

Just thinking aloud..!

Citroen paintwork - Dan G
Fairly solid roof panel, and no internal knocks.

If Citroen argue it was caused by bird poo, then Citroen should repair ???
Citroen paintwork - ShereKhan
You'll find that there is a get out clause for "bird poo". Its not covered :(
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Citroen paintwork - Andrew-T
I wouldn't blame makers for having escape clauses for birdpoo. Some I have experienced contain about 10% sand (gulls I suppose) which in my case luckily hit the glass not the paint, but I even scratched the glass getting it off.
Citroen paintwork - Baskerville
All birds except (I think) birds of prey eat grit because without it they would not be able to digest stuff. But I doubt that's a problem as long as you don't try to rub the poo off without thoroughly soaking it first to loosen it. It's more likely the high ammonia content of bird poo that is the problem.
Citroen paintwork - terryb
Sorry, but I would take a pragmatic approach. Paintwork is by definition exposed to whatever might be thrown at it, sun, rain, insects commiting hara-kiri or the odd bit of bird carp. So it should be capable of withstanding such. Fitness for purpose and all that. Of course, it's probably a fault in the base coatings so the argument shouldn't arise. In any case I'd suggest in no uncertain terms that Citroen should pay.

Incidentally, I did once get Cit to pay for a respray on the spoiler of an out-of-warranty BX (only 1 year in those days)because it was chipping away around the base - so there is hope.

Citroen paintwork - Alf
I agree, Sale of goods act etc, product must be fit for its purpose. Any grief get Trading standards involved.


Citroen paintwork - cmm
I have a similar problem on a 1997 Citroen AX. Unfortunately it is not under warranty anymore - is there something I can use to stop it deteriorating before I can get time to get it fixed?


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