Fun Driving - NitroBurner
OK, I\'m as guilty as the rest when it comes to whingeing about the state of the roads, speed cameras, traffic calming (ha!), etc, etc, etc & there\'s no water in the taps, no water in the pool & only a pink fluffy diced lizard in the bidet!

But there\'s still loads of fun to be had out there. Just been camping near Edinburgh. Get off the main routes & you\'ll find miles of traffic free roads to enjoy. Makes having a motor worthwhile!
Fun Driving - Rob the Bus {P}
I agree, Nitro. Some of the best driving I have ever experienced has been in the Highlands. The A9 in between Inverness and Golspie and the A835 from Dingwall to Ullapool are glorious - both for driving enjoyment and for scenery.
Fun Driving - waterboy
Take your Morpheous, though. Some bits they put down fun even in the wilds.

Tomo as was!
Fun Driving - SjB {P}
I've just got back from 600 miles on the Hornet (motorbike) through Wales with the missus.

Simply awesome.

Very little traffic, and well maintained (or may be because they don't get the usage?!), pot-hole free roads through wonderful scenery.

BTW, for any other Backroomers with bikes, and who take a pillion passenger frequently enough to warrant the (gulp) £300 it entails for a small black box and some (admittedly high quality) gubbins to stick in your helmets, I highly recommend Autocom intercoms.

Having spent several years wrestling with cheap (circa £70) and cheerful solutions, none of which really worked above 60MPH, and all of which broke after a year or so, the Autocom we puchased for this trip was a revelation. Easy to fit, and with superb, crystal clear, speech at any speed thanks to noise cancelling microphones and clever software. Made shared navigation tasks a doddle, as well as opening up the possibility of such a long trip on the bike in the first place (I might like peace and quiet, and certainly need to concentrate, but there is no way SWMBO would be happy plonked on the back for 600 miles, unable to speak!)
Fun Driving - AngryJonny
I've had some great fun on back roads all over the country. There are some great roads in Lincolnshire, and I've even had some fun in the home counties. Most traffic is just passing through and sticks to the motorways and A roads. So although it's soul destroying to sit in a traffic jam on the A1, rest assured that there are miles and miles of empty roads just sitting there, yours for the taking.
Fun Driving - Kuang
One of the great motoring mysteries of all time originates in wales - the A5 and a 50mph limit... :)

Whilst rushing for a ferry to Dublin though we tested it as far as 115 and can happily report that it worked fine ;)
Fun Driving - NitroBurner

Bet you could have added a bit more & you still wouldn't have vapourised.

Imagine life without ANY risk.

Still, leave Blair's barmy army in charge for much longer & that day won't be far off!
Fun Driving - Kuang
There were three of us plus luggage in a 1.4 Golf Mk3 - by the time we got over 110 it was screaming its little heart out...

And we still missed the ferry :)
Fun Driving - Baskerville
Just watch yourself on the A9. I drove the full length of it last week and saw the aftermath of one accident, witnessed one unfolding up ahead, and was almost involved in another, all caused by overtakers "enjoying themselves." Plenty of near misses and "whoops, let me back in" incidents too. It's a very unforgiving road with quite a bit of slow moving (holiday and farm) traffic. Still, the A1 was worse...

Fun Driving - NitroBurner
I,ve driven the full length of the A9 in the past also. A very frustrating drive at times. I would like to know where the law stands regarding 'leap frog' overtaking when the traffic is bunched up.

Fun Driving - Rob the Bus {P}
Maybe I've just been lucky on the A9. I have seen some extremely dodgy manouevres but have had the (lucky) foresight to distance myself from the blethering eejits.

The drive from Pitlochry over Slochd Summit has to be seen to be believed, especially in the winter when the snow is prevalent. I always wondered what those funny post things by the side of the road were for...


Fun Driving - Mark (RLBS)
>>& there's no water in the taps, no water in the pool & only a pink fluffy diced lizard in the bidet!

Hotels with names like Miramar and Bellevue ?
Fun Driving - tunacat

Sure that isn't 'B'ontinentale ?
Fun Driving - Mark (RLBS)
...........And being herded into endless Hotel Miramars and Bellvueses and Bontinentales with their modern international luxury roomettes and draught Red Barrel and swimming pools full of fat German businessmen pretending they\'re acrobats forming pyramids and frightening the children and barging into queues and if you\'re not at your table spot on seven you miss the bowl of Campbell\'s Cream of Mushroom soup, the first item on the menu of International Cuisine, and every Thursday night the hotel has a cabaret in the bar.............................
Fun Driving - Morris Ox
Thank you, Eric Idle (as echoes of 'Torremolinos, Torremolinos' fade into the distance)

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