Micra oil change - jonathan.horseman
Looking to change the oil in my micra, can anyone recommend a good quality oil for a car that only does short trips and doesnt get used alot.

98 1.0 Micra
Micra oil change - DavidHM
If the mileage is low, Mobil 1 is a good fully synth, but higher mileage engines can start consuming it if they haven't been bedded in on it. An oil and filter change is £34 at Kwik Fit.

On a budget, National Tyre's £15 semi-synth is a good deal, again with filter, using Duckhams 10W40. For something like a Micra, this is perfectly adequate.

Whatever you do, six monthly oil changes will help the car because it'll go through a lot of cold starts and time can cause oil to wear just as much as mileage.
Micra oil change - volvod5_dude
Had the oil changed on the Volvo this weekend at my local ATS, they charged under 30 quid for 6 litres of Shell Helix Ultra fully synthetic. Better value than Kwik Fit IMO.

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