Toyota Yaris Test Drive - Leanne
Further to my recent post about a Fiesta, it seems that I can't quite get the discount I want.

So I went to the Toyota dealer to see if a Yaris would be a viable alternative (and lots cheaper.) If not I might just bite the bullet and pay a little more.

The first thing my boyfriend noticed was that the front bumpers of all the cars in the showroom, and the cars outside with sold stickers on them, as yet unprepared, were 'hanging off' with comparitavely large gaps between the bumper and bodywork.

Anyway I had a good test drive, from a very nice salesman. (The toyota dealer gives me the impression that they are smaller and more customer focused.) I had mixed thoughts on the car.

The main problem was that the steering pulled horribly to the left, and the steering wheel was crooked when driving along a straight road. This seems really bad for a new car.

It seemed a bit gutless, even compared to my 1 litre micra, but I would be getting a 1.4 diesel or 1.3 petrol I think.

I really liked the interior, but it seemed a bit dated compared to a Fiesta.

Everyone on this site seems to rave about the Yaris. Are the faults I have seen uncommon?
Toyota Yaris Test Drive - flatfour
I don't know about faults with the Yaris, but I went to my local Toyata Dealer a few weeks back intent on doing a PX deal for a new Avensis, we hung around the showroom for ages then, ahh, a Salesman, we asked a few questions, he didn't know when we could have a test drive, so I said ok lets work out a deal anyway, "well" he said "why don't you come back in afew days when you are certain you want to change and i'll work out a price for you, It takes alot of work you see"!!!!!
I'm now going to see the dealer in Bristol.
Toyota Yaris Test Drive - KB.
Leanne, You will know that I've had a few Yaris's and currently have (at least, will have until it's sold) a CDX diesel. The matters of which you speak aren't, in my experience, normal.....otherwise I wouldn't have kept getting new ones. If you're happy with the size, shape and looks of the car then you'll be happy with the way it goes. I agree (although not everyone else seems to) that the 1 litre isn't a patch on the 1.3 or diesel and would always now recommend one of the latter.

When this one's sold I'll be driving another Toyota (Corolla Verso diesel) and will have as much confidence in it as I have had in the previous 6 Yaris's.

If you like it - get one. They're all cheap to run and excellent cars and you won't regret it.

Toyota Yaris Test Drive - SteveH42
The 1.0 is excellent for an engine that small, but of course the 1.3 or D4D are going to give better performance. The advantage of the 1.0 comes if you are doing a lot of round-town work where it's more efficient, although if you do enough mileage then the D4D is worth the extra anyway.

I find the 1.0 better than the Micra 1.0 at speed - it can be pushed and pushed. Put your foot down at 75 and you are at 90 in no time. Round the lakes you can fly along as long as you only use 2nd and 3rd. However, if you don't mind the bit extra on purchase price, insurance and petrol then the 1.3 will be the best bet. I'd probably go for one if I bought new as I seem to be doing more motorway and rural miles than I did when I bought it.
Toyota Yaris Test Drive - Hugo {P}

Get all the info and prices for the Yaris that you're looking ant and take them back to the Ford dealership and haggle some more!

Alternitivaly phone around all the dealerships within a 100 mile radius and play them off one another. My dad did this with a car he bought and in the end his local dealer offered him a gold, rather than silver coloured car, which was a cancelled order - he got it for peanuts (comparitively speaking). The dealer did not make a profit out of that sale.


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