BMW 323i Se - bigboyq

Well I bought the C70 great car Girl Friend Hates it, so now buying an BMW 323i. I have registered on BCA on line catalouge whch is very usefull.

However I have a copy of parkers, and what price would I expect to pay for an 1999 323I se in auction with around 50k miles.

Also what MPG do you guys get on a motorway driving?

BMW 323i Se - DavidHM
If you have a copy of Parker's, why not just look it up? There is a 00W with 53k for sale here:

I reckon a 99 should retail for about £12,000. Use the AutoTrader search box on the left to help you find cars at dealers and work out what they're likely to sell for.

At an auction, if you buy a car, it's worth more to you than everyone else there. Remember that.

Personally I would say a 323i SE is worth about £10k at auction, but 50k miles in 4 years means it's a low miler, so it's got to be mint, with fsh (mainly, or ideally all BMW) or you're potentially buying a clocked car.

Also, if you've not bought from auction before, visit several so you can get a feel for what others like, what prices are, what problems can be hidden, what repaired accident damage looks like, where high mileage cars wear (so that low mileage ones shouldn't be showing that wear) and so on.

If you're not confident that you can spot a duffer and relaxed about the prospect of spending £10k on a car with essentially no warranty, it can be a way to make great savings.
BMW 323i Se - Dan J
Well I bought the C70 great car Girl Friend Hates it,
so now buying an BMW 323i.

Keep car, part-exchange girlfriend.
BMW 323i Se - Altea Ego
Cheaper to change car than aquire a new GF
BMW 323i Se - looking4car
I was thinking the exact same thing Dan ;-)
BMW 323i Se - John S

I can confirm what the cbcb on this site says. On a motorway run my '99 323 Coupe will beat 35 /gall.


john S


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