yaris 2001 aircon - gemma
noticed water dripping from my daughters yaris the other day. could it be condensation from the ac unit as cannot find source of leak and water levels are ok??
yaris 2001 aircon - Ian D
If aircon is working well you will get water dripping from underneath the engine bay. If it is hot and very humid this can be more just the odd drip and indicates the aircon is working efficiently....
yaris 2001 aircon - sean
Hi gemma,

I wouldn't worry unduly. It's a Toyota and they're as reliable as (another V.Well-known make, cannot say further or I'll be accused of bias).

If it's clean, clear, colourless water it is probably air-con condensate.

If you want to know where it is coming from, unfold a big newspaper and put it underneath for a few mins. You should see a few drips and this will pinpoint the area it is coming from. Lift the bonnet and I bet you will find a drain hose in that area.
yaris 2001 aircon - gemma
ok thanks everyone.......feel reassured now.
yaris 2001 aircon - Big John
If you have a Fiat Punto with air con double check the rubber pipe above steering rack gaitor NS is clear (remove it and clean!). Mine allowed a steady drip through but couldnt cope with the torrent during the recent hot humid weather, caused wet carpet on NS. All well after clearing rubber pipe and application of a hair dryer . AC does always work well though, cool within seconds.

If its dripping from two locations you have this problem.


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