Tintless in the USA - henry k
Re recent threads on heavy tinting of the drivers and front passenger side windows.

A couple of weeks ago I spent two weeks and 2K miles in New England and NY state. Many many vehicles of all types had heavily tinted rear side windows. I did not see any vehicle with the front side windows with other than a slight tint. The vehicles I saw were from many different states all over the USA.

Is there a law over there that prevents the use of heavy tints? Can anyone enlighten me on this? Even though we have joined the 100F club here in the south, If they can survive in the USA without tints I am sure we can over here.

I do not want to restart the old tint thread. I am just curious about the USA situation.
Tintless in the USA - clachnacudden
Spent a number of years in the states and although I think heavily tinted windows look like crap,I can only think of specific incidents and conversations about to relate to this subject.

For example, the number of 'modified' cars with tinted windows was incredible but so was the amount of times they were stopped. In each case the police would use a torch to shine through the drivers window to check visibility..intrestingly enough all the times I witnessed this, the torch was focused solely on the front side windows. So I am guessing a certain amount of tinting is allowed, but I am positive that there is a law now in place as there is for everything else in the states.

miss the cheap gas prices though....

hope this helps.
Tintless in the USA - Dave N
They aren't allowed to tint front windows period.

That way, a copper knows if someones pointing a gun at them when they approach.
Tintless in the USA - trancer
"They aren't allowed to tint front windows period."

This is incorrect. Some states do not allow window tinting, while others have laws limiting the grade of tint that can be applied to each window (front, rear, windscreen etc). In addition to this there are some departments in the sunnier states (Florida, Arizona ect) that tend to be a bit more lenient with the tint grade laws, in that they don't bother prosecuting illegal tint unless you have done something silly. In these areas even marked police cars have heavily tinted windows front and rear. On some K9 units you cannot even see through the rear windows if you were to press your nose against the glass.

Because different states have different laws, your vehicle is required to comply with the laws of the state in which it is registered. Driving a car with tinted windows to a state that has "no tint" laws would be fine.

As for coppers being able to see inside the vehicle, they usually recommend that you turn on the interior light and roll down your windows.
Tintless in the USA - J Bonington Jagworth
"If they can survive in the USA without tints.."

Yes, but they all wear Ray-Bans and have air-con... :-)
Tintless in the USA - THe Growler
>>>>On some K9 units you cannot even see through the rear windows if you were to press your nose against the glass.

Do not try this at home.


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