Exhaust Life (Diesels) - Bromptonaut
What sort of life are other backroomers getting from Diesel exhuasts. My X reg (110 HDI) Xantia has just shed the original after 34 months and 50k miles. Corroded through the inlet pipe of the (rear) silencer box behind the tapered seal onto the intermediate pipe. Repaired by excellent local garage while on holiday in France.

BX systems usually seem go at the joins as well.

As a supplementary is there any potential harm, apart from being nicked for excess noise, in running the car without a silencer, not thinking of long distances but probably had to do 25 kilometres to finish journey and get to garage for repair.

Exhaust Life (Diesels) - pafosman
similar story! I am running a Corsa 1.5 TD (what a cracking little engine) exhaust has done 80K + over the last 3+ years. The car is economical and reliable in every respect. I used to have a diesel Ford Tourneo 2.5 RWD, the exhausts dropped off too often, ususally on the M4 on a Bank Holiday but maybe thats just my memory allowing me some 'poetic licence'

I have no technical explanation, so just let's be happy!

pafos man
Exhaust Life (Diesels) - madf
SWMBO's Peugoet 106 diesel owned from 1993 when new.
New middle section 2002 (9years)
New front section 2003 (10 years)
Original rear section still.

39k miles.

No turbo may be cause of long life.

Exhaust Life (Diesels) - daveyjp
Exhaust life varies depending on use. Exhausts on high milers will last much longer than those on cars which a few thousand a year. The main enemy of the exhaust is moisture, this corrodes the metal from the inside. Short runs do not allow this moisture to evaporate and hence it sits in the exhaust for longer periods. Cars driven a lot have warm exhausts for most of their life, this heat evaporates the moisture and prevents premature failure. My father is a driving instructer doing 30,000+ miles per year - he runs cars for three four years and has never had an exhaust replaced on the Fiestas he has owned. I've owned Fiestas and covered 10-15,000 miles a year and had to replace the exhaust after less than three years.
Exhaust Life (Diesels) - Ivor E Tower
I think that diesel exhausts should last longer than petrol exhausts due to less corrosive nature of the gasses - this used to be the case prior to catalysts becoming law, anyway. Anyone know if it's still true?
I was told, before buying a diesel, that 6 year exhaust life was quite normal. Having said that, my 1985 petrol Honda's original exhaust lasted 6 years, the replacement 5 years then replacement segments progressively less time - rear boxes ended up being replaced at yearly intervals but that could be down to the type of journeys that the car did. Annual replacements were when it was basically doing the "school run" and little else.
Thank goodness for the lifetime exhaust warranty I took out when I put the first replacement system on!
Exhaust Life (Diesels) - M.M
Gosh you guys get through exhausts quickly.

We have two Citroen TDs here at present. Both just had their 10th birthdays and both covered 115K approx.

And both on original exhausts!

Citroen were building their cars very well around 1992-4.

Exhaust Life (Diesels) - Andrew-T
MM - agree with you. SWMBO's 91H 205 Dturbo left for a new home last spring with 87K on the clock and the whole original exhaust. I put it down to a good internal coating of waterproof soot.
Exhaust Life (Diesels) - Chad.R
This happened to me in my 1.9TD Xantia when driving back from Inverness (to Watford) a couple of years ago - the rear silencer went at the join. As it was the middle of the night didn't have much option but to carry on - sounded like a NASCAR all the way down the M6/M1 ! :-)


P.S This was at 125K or so, not sure whether it was the original or not.
Exhaust Life (Diesels) - Mondaywoe
My C5 2.2HDI has the particle filter setup. It has now done over 20,000 miles and you can still poke your finger up the exhaust pipe and take it out absolutely clean. The inside of the pipe looks like a brand new system newly hung on the car.I have never seen anything coming out of the exhaust - doesn't even smell like a diesel.

I wonder if this will make a significant difference to the life of the system? Maybe the particle filter itself will self-destruct first (probably at horrendous expense!)

Anyone else got a particle filter system which has done high mileage?

Exhaust Life (Diesels) - neil
This seems to be perhaps a known problem with Xantias - my 110Hdi estate shed its back box at 34k and 28 months - conveniently still under warranty... garage didn't seem surprised!
Exhaust Life (Diesels) - sean
A lot of problems with exhausts these days are caused by trauma from humps and "sleeping policemen" in calming schemes.

You often get rusting at discontinuities, where sections are welded. If roads were smooth, these rusty joints would last for years. If they get shaken violently over the humps, they soon get pulled apart.
Exhaust Life (Diesels) - madf
I used to work for an aftermarket exhaust manufacturer.

Most systems are made of a mixture of galvanised pipework and plates with stainless steel for box outer parts. Inner baffles may be made of stainless steel or galavanised steel.

Modern OE exhaust systems are much better made than 10 years ago and the aftermarket for replacement systems has declined significantly in volume and vlaue over the past 10 years.

Having said that, weaknesses are:
1. all welded joints as this breaks up the galvanised coat.
2. where galvanised pipe is welded along the seam ( rectangle of steel is folded welded in pipe manufacture: the welded section has no galvanising left.)
3. internal baffles where welded internally can break and block system
4. mounting brackets are welded to pipes/cases. again this is a weak point.

Turbo engines produce far greater heat: this alone means far greater stress on exhaust systems.

So the most vulnerable systems are those driven long motorway journeys in all weathers using turbo engines and left ungaraged..nothing clever about that..:-)

I refer of course to diesel engines .. petrol engines produce more toxic gases and water so short journeys in petrol engines lead to lots of internal corrosion.

(my experience of stainless steel boxes is that they oulast the surrounding pipework !).

So if you want your system to last: go underneath it when newish and cover all welded joints and pipe seams with heatproof aluminium paint. Repeat every 2-3 years..

Exhaust Life (Diesels) - madman
I had a Range Rover 2.5 DSE. The exhaust lasted just over 2 years from new! The dealer wanted over £900 for a new one and no independents made one for this car. I eventually found out that one of the stainless steel manufacturers had just brought one out at £320.

Would never touch a RR again.

Exhaust Life (Diesels) - blank
1997 VW polo CLD. Front section lasted 4 years 80k, rear still original and 105k


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