306 td service indicator - AP
I have just had my 306 serviced but the garage can't reset the service indicator. I wondered whether anyone knows how to correct this easily and cheaply.Thanks in advance.
306 td service indicator - DL
Not sure if I have it right here.....but here goes.

Depress the trip meter reset button and turn the ignition on. Be sure to keep it held down.

Watch the trip meter count down to zero - when zero is displayed switch off the ignition.

That's it! It should now give the correct service interval.
306 td service indicator - Dynamic Dave
Quick search found this. Confirms DL's suggestion.


306 td service indicator - AP
Just to let you know i have tried this method but it still doesn"t work. Someone told me to disconnect the battery and then reconnect and to try again. I am a bit reluctant to try this. Has anyone got any other ideas. Also, while i am on could someone tell me where the sight glass is for the air conditioning. According to the haynes manual it is suppose to be on the left hand side as you look inside the engine. But I cannot find it.Thanks in advance.
306 td service indicator - DL
It works, believe me.

The sight glass won't tell you much.....is there anything wrong with the system?
306 td service indicator - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Never had a problem resetting the service indicator before but you might like to try rebooting the dashboard. In the fusebox is a shunt/fuse with SH, near the middle. With the engine running pull this fuse for approx 10 seconds then refit it. The tacho andgauges will go to max for 5 seconds then reset. Thats it!
Hope this helps

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306 td service indicator - AP
Thanks Andrew, I have tried taking the shunt fuse out but doesn;t seem to have done the trick. Seems like its another peugeot electrical problem.Anyone else got any ideas.
306 td service indicator - DL
Have you retried resetting the service indicator after removing the shunt?

Never had a problem with these.....

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