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Speed cameras (hidden) - Paul
Has anyone else noticed the two (at least) new/newish cameras cleverly hidden in the upright posts of the dot-matrix information signs on the eastbound M4 between jn 8/9 and the m25?

I wonder what safety considerations have applied here (ha, ha!)
Re: Speed cameras (hidden) - Paul Whitehead
Here in Lancs, on of them stands at the top of the hill, radios to his mate who jumps out with the hand held camera - 100% money making 0% safety.

Meanwhile houses are being burgled and parked cars stolen
Effective use of Police resources - David Lacey
Another fine example of our *fine* Police Force - hammering the good old motorist (again) and blinkered to everything else.

Moral: Motorists are easy to catch, real villains aren't

Re: Effective use of Police resources - Dwight Van-Driver
Oh David......

Its sheer economics. Fining speeders brings revenue in
Jailing theives etc costs HMG money in bed and breakfast
and four star HMP's.

Which would your rather have - cash coming in or going out?

Nil despernadum carburundum........

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