Clio Fuel cut off - David_S
HI my neighbour's Clio 1.2 MPI won't start I wanted to check the fuel cut off switch and cannot decide if it is reset or not.

Does anyone know how this "feels" if it needs reseting I have pushed down on the rubber top but it does not click or move much.

The reason I suspect this is she had a similar problem two weeks ago and a friendly mechanic fiddled in that area.

I could take it out and put a meter on but I am not sure of number of contacts and open closed state.

Any ideas most welcome.

Clio Fuel cut off - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi David,

As far as I am aware you should feel a click as the fuel cut-off switch re-sets, so it sounds as though this one is OK. Normally an inertia switch has just two contacts, supply and feed, and you should be able to join the two together to eliminate the switch as a possible cause.

Have you checked for a spark ? If no spark I would be looking at the Crank Angle Sensor or the immobiliser. Another common Renault problem is the Coolant Temperature Sensor - search earlier threads here.

Deep pit, though, easilly fallen into !!

Regards, Adam
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Clio Fuel cut off - David_S
Thanks Adam,
Friendly mechanic came around yesterday and problem turned out to be a loose multi block behind the fuse box under the dash.

So it was electrical/ignition and not fuel related.

Just goes to show all problems should be approached with an open mind and not to have pre conceived ideas based on what has gone before. How many times do we see the comment get back to basics?

Clio Fuel cut off - Ivor E Tower
These inertia cut-offs have 3 terminals but not all companies use the third one to trigger things like automatically switching on hazard lights.
They used to be made in the UK and I used to work for the Co that made them. They are exceptionally reliable; in the 4 years I worked for the Co, we never had a single one fail due to manufacturing fault - a number were returned in a semi-destroyed state due to bad handling by "mechanics" and "automotive electricians" and most returns were of the no-fault-found variety. There are a number of problems due to them not being fitted correctly in vehicles, and also of problems with the mating connector on the vehicle wiring loom. The switch iteslf however is basically 100% perfect.

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