Rust tailgate hinges on a Rover 200 - Mike200
The hinges on the tailgate of my '98 Rover 200 seem to be developing rust where they are joined to the car.
I seem to remember seeing a thread on this subject before but can not fing it anywhere.
Can anyone direct me to this thread, or give advice on this problem?
Any advice would be appreciated.
Rust tailgate hinges on a Rover 200 - Mark S
When I worked at a Rover dealers about 3 years ago, Rover issued a technical bulletin detailing the work required to rectify this fault. Contact your local Rover dealer, you may well get the work carried out under the anti perforation warranty.
Rust tailgate hinges on a Rover 200 - DL
.....If the service history is 100% Rover and the annual corrosion checks have been done.....then you might stand a chance of getting it done under warranty..

Don't hold your breath, though.
Rust tailgate hinges on a Rover 200 - ShereKhan
I had the same problem on a 95N 214 SEi mk2. I bought the car in 1999 from a Rover main dealer in Bristol (Also the original supplying dealer when the car was sold). The car had full Rover service history and 42k miles on the clock. Rover refused to do the work claiming that the rust had to come from the inside to outside to qualify under the anti perforation warranty!!

I took my car to independent bodyshops, they all told me that even if they fix it it will come back again at some time. I had quotes of £400 inc VAT down to £60 (this place looked like they were doing a good job as they were working on MB's BMW's that were fairly new!

My advice to you is to forget persuing the Rover dealer or Rover, as they don't want to know. Get it fixed as soon as possible. As it will get worse. I found out the hard way as i just put some rust remover on it and then put undercoat on it.It didn't help. As I was ignorant of the problem, I just left it alone. When the time came to sell I had to fill a hole which was 15mm in diameter! so lots of filler and sprayed over the area. Did a good job as the guy who bought the car didn't even notice it :)

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