£8000 nearly new...which one? - Andy22
common question i know, but i just don't know what car to get!

i basically want nearly new max 15K miles from dealer budget £8000

ideally good residuals and reliability.

medium size, maybe smaller but no lupo's or chiq...what evers!

new model and styling so doesn't look dated hence my choice... new shape megane? is that a good buy?

question marks over reliabilty I know but it'll have 2 years warrenty left.
£8000 nearly new...which one? - DavidHM
How important are performance, space, economy and insurance?

Also, if you can find a new shape Mégane for £8k, well done... but while there are loads of sub-£7k 52 plate Méganes out there, they are all the nasty old model.

New price is £9,731 from www.ukcarbroker.co.uk for a 1.4 Expression air con.
£8000 nearly new...which one? - Maz
The Honda Jazz is a cracking wee car. At least it's small on the outside. Such interior space means it will suit your requirements however they develop over the years.

A search of the Auto Trader website found a number at £8250, which should be within your negotiating skills.

Residuals are likely to be good, the model is new and revolutionary. There are those that say the ride is bumpy, but my backside says it's fine.

£8000 nearly new...which one? - mab23

U can (well we did) got a pre-reg brand new Honda Jazz SE for 8995 a couple of months ago... Not sure if there are similar deals still around.
£8000 nearly new...which one? - peterb
£8000 nearly new...which one? - apm
Agreed. Should get a 52 reg 1.6S for that money.
£8000 nearly new...which one? - Andy22
reg vardy up in the north east have meganes starting at £7995 in red, struggling to find the new civic's in my price range and don't look as good (opinion that is).

i like the safety aspect of the megane, anyone any veiws on reliability, cos that's my main worry?
£8000 nearly new...which one? - peterb
If reliability is your absolute top priority, go Japanese.

DO NOT buy a Renault if you're worried about reliability. Not all Remaults are lemons, but too many are.
£8000 nearly new...which one? - Aprilia
Not meaning to offend anyone, but I really can't understand why anyone would buy a Renault. Granted, the styling is nice but they are generally unreliable, and difficult to repair when they do go wrong.
I have seen nearly-new Nissan Primera 1.8 at Availablecar.com car supermarket for £8999 - they are a nice roomy car, comfortable and likely to give you years of trouble-free motoring.
£8000 nearly new...which one? - peterb
Not meaning to offend anyone, but I really can't understand why
anyone would buy a Renault.

I think the motoring mags play a role here. They tend to focus on a car's performance, handling, equipment, space, practicality etc. They rarely say things like, "of course the new [Fiat/Renault/Alfa] is a fine car but you've a well-above average chance of getting a lemon so buy a Toyota/Honda/Nissan instead."
£8000 nearly new...which one? - Martin Wall
The Honda Civic is due a revanp in November - you should be able to get a 1yr old car from a dealer for 8K - or a Jazz.
£8000 nearly new...which one? - ShereKhan
Any idea where I can see a picture/spyshot of the new Civic?
306 2.0 SE Cabriolet
£8000 nearly new...which one? - Ivor E Tower
Maybe it will look like this:


although sometimes Honda use different styling for Asian and European markets.
£8000 nearly new...which one? - Andy22
i totally understand what you are saying but i own a 406 and in honesty its hasn't been too bad, the clutch feels like its going but thats at 132K

i really have set my heart on it now, surely under warrenty it shouldn't cost me anything problem wise?

Value my car