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Hi All,

Has anyone actual practical experience of nitorgen filled tyres? I know that some tyre retailers claim nitrogen keeps tyres inflated for longer thus enhancing tyre life, reducing fuel consumption and 'helping with vehicle handling' - whatever that last bit means.

Seems to me it seems like a good scam on behalf of garages to charge a premium to fill a punters tyres with a low cost gas.

Look forward to replies from someone with experience. I'll try and keep an open mind until then!
Nitrogen Filled Tyres? - Jonathan {p}
Most people fill their tyres with 75% nitrogen anyway, so what difference is the remainder going to make?
Nitrogen Filled Tyres? - RichardW
79%, but I won't split hairs.

The only advantages that I can see are:

1. No water - air contains water vapour, but pure nitrogen is likely to be dry. This will give it a more consistent pressure in low temperature situations when some water COULD condense out.

2. No oxygen = reduced corrosion of the wheel rim, and attack of the inside of the tyre - but that from outside is likely to be more severe.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Nitrogen Filled Tyres? - daveyjp
Airliner tyres are filled with pure nitrogen - can't see the advantage in a car though, unless it does 250mph on the ground, cruises at 500+mph 40,000 ft above the ground and regularly has its tyres dropped onto tarmac and spun from 0-200mph in a few metres!!
Nitrogen Filled Tyres? - Dynamic Dave
This question cropped up in discussion a while ago. Here is the answer I posted to the question back then:-

Tyres filled with Nitrogen will maintain their correct pressure for longer, because Nitrogen doesn\'t leak through the tyre\'s structure. Normal compressed air contains Oxygen and water vapour, both of which permeate through the tyre casing.

Quick google found these:- (this link appears not to work anymore)
Nitrogen Filled Tyres? - John S

Plus, I recall, a comment from a pilot that aircraft tyres were nitrogen filled to reduce the risk of fire should a tyre overheat during takeoff or landing.


John S
Nitrogen Filled Tyres? - Stargazer {P}
Hi John,

I posted a reply from a pilot friend back then, basically the heating up of the tyre forces the rubber to give off combustible fumes which can ignite if the tyre contains normal air.

Filling the tyre with nitrogen gas prevents hot tyres expoloding if the fumes can catch light.

The example given was for a 747 when the tyres are too hot to approach after a landing and fans are used to cool them down.

No benefit for road going tyres I would imagine....F1 perhaps given the extreme conditions experienced there.


Ian L.

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