electrical problems - markc2003
i have a rover 416sli n reg and iinstalled a new car stereo and now i have noticed my sidelights, fog lights, tail lights and dashboard lights. what could be the problem, do the sidelights etc run of a different circuit to main beam???
electrical problems - Hugo {P}

I don't understand what you are saying.

Have the lights you mentioned failed to work now?

Assuming they have......

The Main beam will almost cetainly work off a different circuit and be controlled by a different fuse.

Check ALL your fuses and have plenty spare. It's possible your stereo has sucked a lot of current through some of the wiring loom and killed certain associated fuses.

Does your stereo work properly, cos it may have shorted thus causing high current draw, or you may have shorted the wires when connecting it.

electrical problems - DavidHM
You have just noticed them? Well done. Are they always on, never on, intermittently on with or without the help from the stereo, or did the stereo come in a huge kit with a load of other electrics? :-)
electrical problems - Hugo {P}

Another saddo replying at EXACTLY the same time ;)

electrical problems - markc2003
they are never on
electrical problems - Another John H
I would guess you've broken the power feed to the lighting selector switch.

Not knowing my way around this car - either wait for someone who does, or check all the electrical connectors in the area you disturbed when fitting the radio.


John H
electrical problems - Altea Ego
Head straight for the fusebox, and check out the fuse for the sidelights. Bet its blown. Change it, If it blows again, take out the radio. Change the fue and if its ok now, then recheck what you did, or get someone to fit the radio who knows what they are doing..


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