vibration hell - mondy
is it possible to get vibration from out off balanced wheels at just under 70 mph.even worse at 80mph but starts around 70.i have a year 2000 mondeo and fitted it with the tsw blades that i had on my mk1 mondeo.i know it is not the car coz they done it on my first mondy aswell.i got new tyres for them with a bigger side wall,from a 50 sidewall to a 60 sidewall for the ride qaulity.they were balanced then when the tyres were fitted,so what else can it be?
vibration hell - DavidHM
Worn brake discs can cause it, and it's entirely possible that both cars would have had that problem.

Otherwise - I know the wheels were balanced, but putting them on in different places can cause problems, and don't overlook the possibility that they weren't balanced properly in the first place.

Also, going for thicker sidewalls on the tyres could cause your speedo to be inaccurate, so make sure that the total diameter is the same for the new wheels as for the originals.
vibration hell - mondy
the brakes discs back and front on this car are a1 condition,but what do you mean putting them on in different places?how can that have an effect?
vibration hell - Andy P
I had a similar problem with the BK Racing 604s on my Accord. Seems they're sensitive to where the balance weights are fitted. On the inside of the rim - vibration. Between the spokes of the wheel - no problem. See where the weights are and if necessary, have them rebalanced with the weights on the outside (stick-on weights only).

vibration hell - Galaxy
Try to get the wheels balanced on the car. You will have to hunt around for a place that can do this, because most tyre places can't. Well worth it, though, when you do find somewhere. Can cure all sorts of vibration problems.

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