Maserati 3200GT Whooping - PeteM
I've got a 2000 Y Maserati 3200GT bought from a main dealer.

It's an Auto 4 sp box.

When the engine revs are between 2000-3000rpm and being driven slowly through that range, I hear a deep whooping sound.

The dealer suspected that the auto box levels needed topping up - and so they did this. They then said that this has fixed the problem.

The day the car came back - guess what - I replicated the problem again straight away.

I know it's not a common car, but can anyone suggest what may be causing the problem and any serious suggestions to get it fixed.

(It almost sounds like an air leak on the Turbos but the dealer said this is fine)

Maserati 3200GT Whooping - Aprilia
If the noise is coming from the gearbox then it could be that the filter needs changing.

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