Rover 214SLI Boot Lock - MV
Last night when I came to close the boot on my 1995 Rover 214SLI I discovered that it would not lock, no matter how I tried to close it, whether through slamming it or through gentler means. Upon examination of the problem I have discovered that part of the lock mechanism seems to have worn away so that the lock on the boot lid is no longer pushed around the "hoop" which is attached to the car bodywork.

After about 3 hours of desperate effort I finally got the thing to lock, but now I daren't open it for fear of not being able to lock it again!

I am hoping that someone might be able to advise me of whether I am likely to need a new lock for the boot. If so, how much is this likely to cost, will the key barrel need replacing, or is the lock independent of this and is it likely to be a main dealer job?

Thanks to anmyone who might be able to help.
Rover 214SLI Boot Lock - DavidHM
I don't know about the technicalities of the particular lock but I do have two further questions.

1. Is yours the old shape (89-95) or the new shape (Rover 25 style)? There is a possibility that there are different systems on the two models.

2. You will almost certainly be able to replace the lock with one from a scrap yard. If the boot lock is on the central locking, this will be much cheaper than buying a new lock to match from the main dealer.

I needed a new boot lock (the actual barrel, rather than the pin closing mechanism) and it cost me £6 from a specialist breaker, rather than £75 or so from the main dealer.
Rover 214SLI Boot Lock - MV
Thanks for this. My car is the old stle 89-95 model.

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