Improved Forum Search. - Dynamic Dave
Please see Stephen\'s message as follows;


Well you can see that I really am bored this evening - so kicking around late here decided to add in a search facility to this forum. We already had it for another product, so I only needed to adapt it back to this site - so no I can\'t code that fast!

Anyway, you can see it on the RHS column just above help.
I expect it might have some terrible bugs in it, but have fun anyway.

Just don\'t cane it too much doing searches on message bodies for funny combinations of strings - unless of course you really want that kind of query.
Remember for that kind of search it really will have to go through all 100Ks worth of posts!

Feedback welcome...

Have fun

Oh, and BTW, if you see a big difference between numbers of posts for a particular person and that shown in their profile, it\'s because the archive forum uses their name as a text string - it came from the old open source phorum data imported, whilst the profile uses the user id in the newer posts of this software.

Stephen Khoo

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