Lorry driver killed preventing theft - volvoman
Just heard a tragic news item about a lorry driver who was run over and killed by his own truck as he bravely tried to stop thieves taking his load.

I can genuinely sympathise with the man's family and praise his loyalty to his employers - who I trust will make sure his family are well looked after.

I know some people like to give truckers a knocking but, given their pay and working conditions, I don't think I'd be putting myself at risk in similar circumstances.
Lorry driver killed preventing theft - matt35 {P}
Complete agreement with your post!
Lorry driver killed preventing theft - Hugo {P}
Yes, his family have not only been deprived of a husband and father but also a bread winner.

I hope that, if they can afford to, the haulage company set up a trust or something to ensure that his widow and family receive a regular income to ensure they can live comfortably.

I also hope that the police catch the lowlife that was driving and put him away for a very long time indeed.

Lorry driver killed preventing theft - DavidHM
Just to clear up a few points:

1. The local news described the victim as a '44 year old single man' with no mention of children, so presumably he didn't have any. I suppose that's some small mercy - that apparently no one has apparently lost a breadwinner.

2. The haulage company is actually the store owner, who could definitely afford it; obviously there appears to be no widow/family to set up a trust for. Having worked for the store group in question, I know they have very strong policies against intervening, presumably to avoid payouts in situations like this, and it seems unlikely that they will do anything more than the minimum they are obliged to.

As for catching the lowlife who did this - I agree. I guess that, if they had the brains to see that they were seriously increasing their risk of being hunted down and caught by killing the have a go hero, they wouldn be smart enough not to have tried the hijack in the first place, let alone run him over.
Lorry driver killed preventing theft - Dwight Van Driver
Bear in mind that the next of kin are entitled to make a claim upon the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board as the death was due to a criminal act.

See www.tinyurl.com/ji3c.

If you recall recently HMG proposed at £35 surcharge on the offence of speeding (and on other fines) to help fund this scheme.

Further you may recall the Luton incident when a female was killed by a yob taking her car. I could not update the thread because it is locked but can tell you that Beds Police did catch the person responsible and have charged him with murder.

Again worth pointing out not to go into fine detail about this case which may harm a prosecution when the purportrator is caught, the sooner the better. Another one for a suspended sentence IMHO


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