Focus TDI hiss - Russell
I have recently bought a used Focus zetec TDI and on the whole very happy. However, after the engine is switched off there is a noticable hiss/gurgle/steam sound from the engine for a minute or two (although to be honest it is only noticable if you listen for it) . Could there be an air pocket in the cooling system? should I be concerned? is this normal? the water and oil levels are correct and the temp gauges are normal.

Any comments gratefully received. Russ.

Focus TDI hiss - Chas{P}

I think you will find it is from your air con system if you leave it switched on at engine shut off.

Our Puma does exactly the same thing but its more of a hiss than antything.

Nothing to worry about IMO.


Focus TDI hiss - Dynamic Dave
Yep, I would tend to agree with Charles about the air con making the noise. The steam could be condensation dropping down on the exhaust from the air con pipes.
Focus TDI hiss - DL
My A4 does exactly the same, it sounds a little bewildering but it is nothing to worry about.
Focus TDI hiss - flatfour
My Saab does the same, sometimes has a real gurgle depending on weather conditions.

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