Wiring Matrix - explanation please? - EdwardGeoffrey
In last Saturdays HJ page in the Daily Telegraph, there was a letter concerning the fetish of Peugeot 406s to incinerate themselves. It was suggested that the fault maybe due to something called the "Wiring Matrix".
Could someone explain what this is please?
Wiring Matrix - explanation please? - lauriew
Hello EdwardGeoffrey.
I am not familiar with the term "wiring matrix", but I am familiar with Peugeot dashboard fires.The problem stems from the earth strap corroding on the gearbox/engine. This causes all current to earth thro the dashboard resulting in dash "burnouts".Apparently Peugeot is aware of this but refuse to act.
Wiring Matrix - explanation please? - EdwardGeoffrey
Lauriew, many thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
Wiring Matrix - explanation please? - Dynamic Dave
something called the "Wiring Matrix".
Could someone explain what this is please?

Sounds like posh wording for a wiring loom to me.
Wiring Matrix - explanation please? - Edward
I think the correct term is Multiplexed wiring

Whilst not knowing the specific implementation details within the automotive industry, this normally involves many different signals tavelling over the same wire.

With traditional wiring, for example between the engine mangagement and dash board, you would have one wire for every sensor, warning light and gauge. With a multiplexed system you would connect to two modules together with just two wires which would either carry a comunications link (e.g. CAN bus) or some sort of time division multiplexing between sensors (as in old telephone systems). I guess (hope) the former is used in cars. The advantage, of course, is a reduction in cabling which saves weight and cost.
Wiring Matrix - explanation please? - KB.
Had been meaning to ask what Multiplex wiring really meant and am grateful to Edward for answerng my unasked question.

Presumably this is what Citroen fit in to their latest vehicles which boast 'Multiplex Wiring' and apparently enables more advanced features to be incorporated. I gather this means headlights which have a delay feature and advanced dash readouts and interior lights which fade gradually.

I also recall that the horn on some Citroens didn't operate immediately due to the type of wiring???

Anyone who can add to this - please do so in order to further my limited education.
Wiring Matrix - explanation please? - KB.
Looked on Google (why didn't I do this before?) and saw that Scorpio's had Multiplex wiring several years ago as well as the new Avensis and also saw this included in a bit about a new coach made by Dennis of Guildford.........

"The electrics on the R-series have been simplified with the adoption of multiplex wiring. This incorporates a diagnostic facility. "Electrical faults can be hard to trace," continues Richard Norman, "and it is not unusual for even the most skilled of electricians to spend more time looking for the fault than it takes to fix it. Multiplex systems not only offer improved reliability, but when faults do occur, the diagnostic system makes them much easier to identify."

The words CAN BUS and VAN BUS were liberally dotted about too, as per Edwards earlier comments. This terms seems to refer to items of electronic wizardry.

So there we have it - a new coach fitted with VAN BUS (or was that CAN BUS?). It's perfectly obvious that buses and coaches with CAN BUS can and some vans fitted with VAN BUS can also. Hope that clears it up for you.



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