some like it hot - bugged {P}
so then what was the hottest your temperature gauge read yesterday???

Mine was 36.5!

some like it hot - Dan J
When I got in, 41 [not to be trusted I imagine] - after driving to the pub at 4:30pm in the afternoon it seemed to have levelled off at 37.

Global warming? Rock on!
some like it hot - Mark (RLBS)
Last January I was still living in Rio - the weather was over 40 for the entire month. Got some truly ridiculous temperature figures in the car.

And large parts of the electrics simply not working at that heat.

some like it hot - bugged {P}
oh it doesnt have to be hot for the electrics not to work in my car!!! ;-)
some like it hot - terryb
After standing in the sun all afternoon, mine read 106F, which translates to 41.1C. I keep it set on Fahrenheit because the metric setting puts everything metric. I can't understand litres per 100 Km. Of course the mpg figures are interesting too because they're based on US gallons!

Sorry, I'm rambling


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