It's not very hot Mum - THe Growler
Sapristi! Heatwave in UK and the best we can manage today is a lousy 31 C in clouds and rain. Just collected Number One Daughter off Gulf Air from London and she says she's feeling cold.

I mentioned the pristine 1982 Merc 230E my 87 year old neighbour is trying to sell me. It is a superbly kept car and while I have no earthly need for yet another vehicle it's too good to pass up.
I would just like to know of there's anything I should look out for. Mercs are known here for horrendous parts costs.

It's not very hot Mum - Phil I
"while I have no earthly need for yet another vehicle"

You planning on passing on then G??

"its too good to pass up"

Can only drive one car at a time you know...da. da..da.

You know it makes sense.

Happy Motoring at Humpty Doo.
Phil I
It's not very hot Mum - THe Growler
LOL -- Not quite ready for that great limo in the sky. Betcha anyway they'd drop you off and make you walk because of the no waiting zone in front of the Pearly Gates (EU Directive No. 200 234567876534251 of 2001).

Hey, it's just a nice car and it appealed....

Humpty Doo has fallen through (doo-doo doo-doo) but we have another place at McMinn's Lagoon up the road under offer. 15.9 acres, and wallabies in the morning (no I am not referring to Rugby practice) all for less than a 2 up 2 down in Ponders Enbd.

The place has been used as a staging post and party palace by Qantas cabin crew, so a thorough medical clearance may be in order before we touch anything. Meanwhile I have emailed the agent today to hold that nice metallic gun-metal Hi-Lux 4WD I talked to him about 2 weeks back and put the biggest nudge bar he can find on the front of it......

It's not very hot Mum - volvoman
Grolwer - heard the chaps in Iraq bemoaning the fierce heat they're experiencing currently but give me a nice dry 50 deg c. over a cloudy/ rainy 31 deg c. any day of the week. Sounds like hell on earth to me but I'm sure life in your part of the world has it's perks ;-)
It's not very hot Mum - THe Growler
Not motoring but I have been in Kuwait in 55 C, the difference is it's a dry heat and air-con is everywhere. I love it. Anything than freeze.
It's not very hot Mum - Ian (Cape Town)
Am I the first to say "whew! What a scorcher!"
It's not very hot Mum - THe Growler
Must be winter for you chaps down there below the Equator? Not been to SA but I can say Canberra in August would freeze the brass etc's.
It\'s not very hot Mum - CM
I\'ve been in Canberra in August. It was foggy and miserable. Not the coldest air temperature I\'ve ever been in but I think that my soul was colder than it\'s ever been
It's not very hot Mum - volvoman
Yep agree with that - doesn't get much hotter than oil fields in the Middle Eastern desert but it's not as oppressive as the London Underground is right now.
It's not very hot Mum - THe Growler
I thought the Underground was closed now because it was depriving Pinko Ken of lost congestion charge revenue......
It's not very hot Mum - Dwight Van Driver
Just thought I would mention.

Current hot spell is resulting in a lot of rubber being taken on the road and tar melting. Come the first good shower of rain and the road surface due to the tar, rubber and water will take on the features of ice - very, very slippery.

Be warned.

It's not very hot Mum - CM

Too true and sad that it has to be reminded (albeit I presume those in the BR are slightly more savvy than the average driver) as it should be drummed into everyone when taking their test. I cannot remember ever being taught/told this.
It's not very hot Mum - borasport20
DVD - its just a shame you have to point it out to people. As its looking a bit thundery where I am at the moment, it's one of the first things on my mind.

p.s. - did you know growler has identified you in pic 1 of - have you ever been to a british grand prix ?

I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up
It's not very hot Mum - THe Growler
DVD thank you for that piece of advice, nobody is more aware of that than a biker. We are well into our rainy season now and I posted similar on my biker forum. Need to remember the shiny shine stays upright at all times.

HJ -- thanks for that: the 230E engine is a bit noisy but then I thought Mercs of that era always were somewhat thrashy (maybe it's all those Beirut and Damascus taxis I used to ride in). Goes like a rocket though. I'm still haggling about price and maybe I can use your advice to bring him down a bit. Ride seems fine but I will check the springs as suggested. Appreciate it.
It's not very hot Mum - Ian (Cape Town)
Not to mention all those oil-slicks at places where the traffic has been crawling for miles, and all those engines have been dripping oil! (Trek to the seaside, anyone?)
It's not very hot Mum - THe Growler
Try pulling up at a freeway toll booth on a bike and balancing on the greasy detritus left by countless weeping sumps before you while you fumble around for small change and the guy in the 75 seater bus behind is getting antsy. Even worse, forget to wipe the gloop off your boots before you walk indoors all over that nice Moroccan rug you picked up last holiday.

UK you've got all this to come.

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