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I have an H reg clio and I can\'t get the rear hub off it to change the shoes. I have taken the hub nut off, but the hub won\'t come off. I\'ve tried to prise it off but the bearings look like they will break. There must be an easy way to get it off.
Can anyone help?

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clio rear brake - RichardW
There's probably a lip on the inside of the drum which is hooked over the edge of the brake shoes. There might be a way of backing off the auto adjuster from the back - check in Haynes or similar. Make sure the handbrake is right off. The outside bearing will fall out out of the hub once you get it moving (well normally, but this is a Renault!).

Ways to get it off include levering from behind with a big screwdriver, or putting the wheel back on 'back to front' and heaving on it. It will come off eventually, but you may rip the shoes of the back plate doing it! When you get it off make sure you measure the inside dia of the drum and replace if it's below spec. You might want to consider having the drum skimmed if there's a bad lip (ang enough meat on the drum) to make getting it off again easier.


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This is odd! I've worked on the brakes of many models of Renault and they are all the same design - a large self locking hub nut to take off. When you do this, the whole lot usually falls out in your lap! The outside bearing either drops out with the large washer, or else remains stuck (with grease)inside the hub.In my experience, the drums always come off Renaults very easily, but I suppose you could have faulty self-adjusters making the shoes bind. Is the handbrake too tight? Could there be a seized wheel cylinder? Are both sides the same?

If and when you do get the brakes opened, it's advisable to replace the self-locking hub nut - otherwise it might not self-lock..........aargh! Also, use a torque wrench when tightening up - too tight and you could damage the bearings.Bearings should be taken out and lightly greased as well.

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Right then.

I used to have this problem with my Renault 11 GTL.

When the hubs get worn they leave a lip which, as you quite rightly point out, catches the insides of the shoes and prevents the hub from coming off.

The trick is as follows - From the top:

Release the handbrake, after putting the car in gear and chocking the front wheels.

Rotate the drum until one of the holes is close to the self adjusting mechanism.

Release the self adjusting mechanism, so that the shoe assembly contracts away from the inner dia of the hub. This is best achieved by pushing the pawl (the smaller toothed bit attached to the show) out and allowing the rachet (the other toothed bit) to move and slacken off the self adjusting mechanism.

Once the assembly has been slackened off THEN undo the nut and widthdraw the hub.

If the wear on the hubs is excessive and/or the bearings are worn, a replacement set of hubs from a low (50k) mileage car in a breakers can be a very cheap way around the problem. This is exactly what I did for my Renault 11. As opposed to paying nearly £100 for new bearings and hubs, I found a low mileage Renault 9 in a breakers and paid £7 for both rear hub assemblies. The bearings were well greased and had plenty of life left in them and the hubs had virtually no wear at all in them. My car had done over 100k whilst this one in the breakers had only done 45K.

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clio rear brake - Hugo {P}
I forgot,

Please let us know how you get on.


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