What should I do ? - welshy
Hi all , im in a bit of a dillema here . I have a 1989 Renault5 GTS 1400cc , nothing to much wrong with it drives fine no wobbles or rattles appart from the tappets I think (any advice here ) . Anyway , im thinking on selling it and buying a BX16v , i know that they have hydraulics for the suspension etc...but what should I do ? Should I keep the Renault and just do it up a little , or buy a BX ??HELP!!! please.....?
Waht should I do ? - Hugo {P}
I had a Renault 11 GTL with exactly the same engine in it.

What miles has it done and has the timing chain been changed? (Yes chain - not belt).

The great thing about the chain is that you get a warning when it starts to wear. I changed the tensioner in mine at around 90k. The chain would have been changed, but the new one was noisier than the old! I stuck the old back in with the tensioner replaced and adjusted - problem solved.

As for your BX question - Have you thought of a Xanitia? I have a 2 Litre 16 Valve that produces 130BHP. You WILL appreciate the difference between this and your 5 - trust me!

You can pick the L reg petrols up really cheap at the moment cos everyone wants the diesels. Standard equipment on the VSX includes Electric sunroof, windows all round, mirrors, ABS, Alloys (if they're not on the car WHY NOT?), key pad immobiliser and a host of other stuff! I guess if I wanted to sell mine at 72K now I'd be lucky to get over £800.

I would personally avoid the BX, not cos they're bad cars,but the Xantia, which superceeded them has many of the engineering problems worked out. I think Xantias were oiginally slated by garages because they had the hydro suspension etc, which some of the BXs suffered probs with.

Now, a lot of mechanics admit that Xantias are good cars.

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Waht should I do ? - RichardW

Have a look on www.bx16v.com

The BX 16V is a real wolf in sheep's clothing - 160 BPH (or about 145 for later cat equipped cars), and only 1050 kg....!!

The trim always rattles, but hey, they're all 10 years old or more.

All of the problems are pretty well known, and there are many examples with 100k plus miles, showing the engine can least if looked after. There are many diesel examples that have done 200k +, so the rest can last too. All mechanical faults are well known, and can mostly be fixed relatively cheaply if caught early. The guy from puma racing rates the engine highly - it can be tuned to 200+ bhp with some head mods.

Find a good one and you will be pleased. Watch out for dogs though.... You also have to do battle with the 205 tuning brigade who are snapping them up to shoe horn the engines into their 205's. BX 16Vs are disappeared fast and will soon reach 'classic' status, when the prices (maybe!) will start going up.

I'd have one if I could afford the insurance and 30mpg (at best!) drinking habit....


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
What should I do ? - M.M
What you should do is look into this very carefully. As Richard says they are a stunning engine but the normal BX issues are all there to be dealt with.

Many MOTd BXs still have some wallet draining faults and you need a BX enthusiast to show you these when viewing.

Just as an example one I know of being punted for sale at present has failed rear arm bearings (£200+), sticking front struts (£250+), rear spheres reqd (£60) and juddering steering assistance due to a failing hydraulic pump (£150+). Add that lot to a service and timing belt...well the best part of a grand has gone on initial repairs. Yet it is rust free, goes OK and is MOTd.

As a price guide a near mint one has sold within the Citroen Car Club (CCC is one of the best places to get sensible support for these cars) recently for less than £600. A MOTd useable one, but with uncertain history, is up for offers on £395.

Sometimes within the club they are given away if suffering a major fault or being without an MOT.

It is just a case of buying one at the right stage in its maintenance cycle.

Good luck...if only in thinking about one!

**Note: Repair prices are roughly what a BX specialist might charge.

What should I do ? - M.M
Sorry the near mint one within the CCC was just under £900... not £600.


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