Jazz suspension - how much better? - phillipo
Has anyone got time to pen a couple of words comment on the ride in the Jazz with softened suspension - or else someone who didn't drive one before when they were bone shakers and has driven a new one in the last couple of months??

Jazz suspension - how much better? - Alf
Only test drove the original Jazz, excellent car but impossible to live with the 'boneshaker' suspension, how incredibly shortsighted.


Jazz suspension - how much better? - Michael123
The original Jazz did have a stiff suspension set up, but it certainly wasn't a 'bone shaker' in the old fashioned sense of the word! Many of the media reports about this were over emphasised...

The revisions do soften the car to make it more comfortable on very harsh roads, but they have not transformed the car. It is still fairly stiffly set up to give the benefits of handling feel, stability and body control in a small, lightweight car.

However, if soft ride comfort is a priority, then you'd best look at something French...
Jazz suspension - how much better? - Nortones2
Michael: I agree. When we tested the pre-revision version we found no significant problems. As you say, handling was excellent. Don't know what the journ'os were on about: maybe the springs on the demo were still clamped! Only went for the Yaris cos the other half preferred to pay less. She sorry now of course: T3 has no aircon!
Jazz suspension - how much better? - doctorchris
The rather stiff suspension of both the old and modified Jazz means that the car corners with minimal body-roll, I love its handling. Not much difference between the two in terms of ride. Definitely not a boneshaker!
Jazz suspension - how much better? - Alf
I test drove several small cars and without doubt the Jazz had the worst suspension set up. Maybe the one I tested was particularly bad. Believe me, it was awful i.e. boneshaker.

For a small family car it was too stiff, but for a sporty car....well perhaps you should buy a sports car?




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