New Freelander - Big Cat
Just seen the pictures of the updated Freelander due in the Autumn. Looks really good, they've tidied up the exterior but the biggest change is the inside with a better dashboard and other modifications. Looks like the Ford influence is beginning to come through. Same range of engines includint the BMW diesel. Think I shall put my name down for one.
New Freelander - Ian (Cape Town)
BC, see what has to say about the new interior ...
So what if the inside is changed? It is still a Freelander.
(The illegitimate son of Solihull)
New Freelander - coolcars4andy
i have just been in it and it is quality i like it al ready my mate just got it home from work and i already want one
New Freelander - Xileno {P}
I think (judging by the age of the post) that ccolcars4andy is refering to the new new Freelander, rather than the new old Freelander - if you follow.

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