Kangoos....... - Nsar
Just back from hols where after queuing for ages in the stifling heat of Europcar's office in Nice I succumbed and allowed myself to be fobbed off with a Kangoo instead of a Megane/Xsara/normal car.
What a heap of doo-doo. There is nothing absolutely nothing good about this car, what were they thinking of by offering a plumber's van as a car?
You have to park about 3 foot in front of the car behind if you want to open the rear door and then you have to duck as it swings up and nearly chins you.
The handling is just insanely bad over 50km an hour and the 1.2 engine I had emptied the tank in about 400 km - this may have been due to the headwind which was all but fatal to a vehicle with the aerodynamism of a house brick.
The interior is like a time machine back to 1950 - not even a clock.
Is there a worse car on the road that is offered as a serious, practical vehicle?
Kangoos....... - KB.
So you weren't that impressed then?

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