ford focus "drop rods" - 2_old_for_this
My Focus has developed a "knocking/rattle" on the o/s front end. It is just like a failed shocker, i am told it may well be a "drop rod" problem. I believe these are similar to track rod ends but vertical, and are connected to the anti roll bar. Never heard of drop rods before, is this a new thing ford have brought out, had a few cars in my time, (last one a sierra) but never come across these. Any explanation and cost of replacement would be helpful. Thanks
ford focus drop rods - IanT
Take a look at which discusses drop-links on a 306 - see Hawesy's first question and my reply on 31/July.

The drop-link is a short bar with a ball joint at each end, positioned vertically, which links the end of the anti-roll bar to the shock absorber strut. On a 306 it isn't adjustable or repairable, but it is cheap and easy to replace - let's hope the same applies to a Focus!

ford focus drop rods - 2_old_for_this
Thanks for that "link" (no pun intended).

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