Seat Leon Cupra R - shoei
Had my first drive of a Cupra R today, Goodness me what a fantastic car, very, very quick shame about the interior being a bit cheap and not a good feal to it. I think I might buy one of the new 225bhp in november, any feedback would be great.
Seat Leon Cupra R - Vansboy
Friend of Mrs Vansboy just got his, results so far....

Annoying creaking from rear.Can\'t find out what, yet.

A \'loose wire\'?? causing total ignition failure & recovery home at midnight.

Chose black, so finding out how hard it is to keep looking smart.

Still think he should have had the Honda, or put a few £$£$£ towards Rx8!!

I\'ll keep you posted, if anything comes up.

Seat Leon Cupra R - RB
Vansboy - re the creaking. My Toledo (same as the Leon but with boot) has also started to \"creak\" at the back.

I\'ve got to have a proper look but my initial thoughts, after thinking it was something mechanical such as the suspension bits, is that it\'s the rear seat back or squab.

It maybe me but I only noticed the creaking since having had the seats folded down recently. Maybe HJ has a clue from his experience of a Leon? RB


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