Golf mk3 rear axle bushes - NRB
The rear axle bushes on my golf mk3 (1.4 - 1994) have seen better days, and need replacing. I am considering doing the job myself but understand that it can be a bit of a task.

Has anyone had any experience of this job? Should I just reach for my wallet and let someone else do the swearing and cursing that I'm sure I would be necessary!

I have read a description of the work in a couple of manuals and feel that I could manage it. The Haynes manual says to get a VW dealership to press the old bushes out and the new ones in. I was thinking about buying a hydraulic puller for this part of the job (on test in the latest edition of Car Mechanics magazine). Is it likely that this will do the trick?

The Haynes manual also says do not remove the pivot bolts unless absolutely necessary, and if you do mark their positions relative to the axle etc. I think this is wrong and it means the mounting bolts, which hold the brackets on. The pivot bolts have to come out to replace the bushes, and alignment of the pivot bolts isn't possible as far as I can see.

Any advice would be much appreciated before I start dismantling my car and regret it!



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