What is Chelsmford Car Auctions like? - cherrytree
I want to sell my car (2-3 year old low-mileage mondeo sedan) quickly and thought the auctions looked a good bet (British Car Auctions, Manheim Auctions, Chelmsford Car Auctions). There seems to be a huge difference in costs with Chelmsford looking very cheap. What has people's experiences been with selling cars by auction?
What is Chelsmford Car Auctions like? - KB.
Think you'll find the Colchester (Frating) auction a nicer place to be. Get the impression Chelmsford is the poor relation. Certainly I've felt happy enough at Colchester myself when visiting.......but in all honesty can't say anything about the prices you'll achieve at either.
What is Chelsmford Car Auctions like? - tpac
Chelmsford is FULL of people running up their own cars (traders), however, maybe they are all like this?? My beleif (common sense tells me)the auctioners are all in on the scam. Go there on a Wednesday into the newer car hall and watch the same old faces scuttling up to the back of the hall, running up Their OWN cars!
Having said that, you are selling, so this may not afect you??
What is Chelsmford Car Auctions like? - Jes
I sold my sister-in-laws Vauxhall astra there about 8 months ago... All sales seem to be 'sold as seen' or at least all those entered into my auction were. It was 1992 Astra with 150k on the clock and had a misfire problem at anything over 50 mph. I gave it a good clean (electric polisher on the bodywork) and it looked a million dollars. She wanted £100 for it, so you can imagine the look on her face when the hammer dropped at £540 - purchased by a small ads trader (recognised the face from a previous potential purchase I backed out of).

For me the auction was local and I haven't been in the buying/selling game for a while now (company car). About 10 years ago, Chelmsford Auctions used to sell some nice stuff - nearly new, low mileage cars, plus fleet clearances. These days the auction car park look a very mixed bag.

If I was buying a car, no that's a different story.....
What is Chelsmford Car Auctions like? - Vansboy
Chelsford is one of the few private auctions left in England.

They rely hevily on 'Trade' rather than corporate customers, hence lower costs.

Depending on your cars value, you may find BCA flexible on their charges, but they'll probably only do this once they've got a provissional bidder, in the actual sale.

How far away are you from BCA Bedford? They are currently touting for business, offering lower charges, free valuations, discounted pre sale preparation costs & even a lift home, from the centre!!

But if the car is OK runner, try ofering it to local garages, you never know!!!


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