Another Biker bites the dust - Altea Ego

Steve Hislop

Not killed by a bike, but a helicopter crash; What a waste of talent. Farewell Hissy.
Another Biker bites the dust - Thommo
How I remember the 1991 TT, him against Foggy.

Happy days. He will be badly missed.
Another Biker bites the dust - volvoman
Yes RF, another tragically premature death. Let's none of us forget, therefore, that we only have a short lease on life and that the precious moments we all tend to take for granted are all too fleeting. I lost my first wife suddenly aged just 40. It made me refocus my life and the amount of time I spent working as opposed to being with my family and doing all the things that in the grand scheme of things actually matter far more. Tragedies like this should make all of us consider just how lucky we are and help us put into perspective the things in life which matter most.
Another Biker bites the dust - Phoenicks
I agree with all the above sentiments. Very much a shame.

Mark RLBS, I think the title 'Another biker bites the dust' is very insensitive and would request it be changed.
Another Biker bites the dust - Mark (RLBS)
It doesn't seem that insensitive to me, and I wouldn't want to get heavy handed.

However, if anyone else complains as well, I'll change it. [sigh]


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